A Man Like None Other Chapter 1566

Chapter 1566 Nothing To Hide

Seeing his son safe and sound, Terrell then lowered his guard. With a wave of his hand, he prompted, “Let’s talk inside, then!”

Deep down, Terrell didn’t want to make himself an enemy of a Nascent Soul expert. From his perspective, it would be ideal if he could be on good terms with Jared.

Soon after, the crowd entered the palace, and Terrell ordered someone to serve Jared and the others a sumptuous meal.

That being said, there was a hint of wariness in those courteous acts of his. After all, he wasn’t informed of the reason why Jared and his team would visit Encanta Island all of a sudden.

Moreover, Terrell still had zero knowledge of Jared’s true identity. If the former were to find out that Jared was none other than the murderer of his elder brother, Diego, there was no telling whether Terrell would still be as nice to Jared as he was then.

Then came Terrell’s inquiry, “So, do you guys travel all the way here to Encanta Island for vacation? Or are you here to attend to other matters as well?”

“We’ve heard about this place, so we’re curious and decided to come to explore for a bit…” was Jared’s answer.

“You’re curious, you say? What has piqued your interest, if I may ask?” Terrell had no idea what Jared was fascinated about.

“Since you’ve asked this, King Duncan, I’ll be honest. The land of Encanta Island is abundant with spiritual energy, so it provides a setting that’s second to none for anyone to hone their cultivation level. Everyone living on this island should have been exceptionally powerful. I don’t understand why reaching the Top Level of Golden Core is the best you guys could manage,” probed Jared bluntly.

Even though he already secured some information in his hands, he still wanted to verify them with Terrell.

When the latter heard the question, a helpless sigh escaped from his lips. “We’ve actually long noticed the problem you pointed out. Sadly, I don’t have any idea of the root cause of it. But even if we can only reach the Top Level of Golden Core, we’re already contented. As you may already know, the vast majority of spiritual energy cultivators on Encanta Island are but average Joes, and to them, cultivation level carries no weight. Health and peace are all they ever yearn for.”

He paused for a bit to ponder before going on, “Besides, the folks on Encanta Island could all live for over a century. That’s a feat the outside world could never get to accomplish. As for the reason behind this limitation of our cultivation level, no one has really tried to get to the bottom of it. Who knows? Maybe there’s some sort of power suppressing this island.”

After listening to Terrell’s explanation, Jared was floored on the spot.

Never in a million years would he expect Terrell to not have any desire to attain greater power. The latter gave off a vibe like he was already very satisfied with being at the Top Level of Golden Core.

Judging from Terrell’s expression, Jared still couldn’t tell if the former was playing games with him.

Hence, he shut his eyes and unleashed a terrifying blast of spiritual sense, engulfing the whole vicinity straightaway.

Following the improvement of his cultivation level, his spiritual sense was also strengthened tremendously.

Because of that, the coverage of his spiritual sense became so much wider as well.

With the release of the spiritual sense in every nook and cranny of the palace, Jared went all out to uncover any secrets that might be under the hood.

Terrell, in turn, saw that Jared was using his spiritual sense, yet the former had no inclination to intervene.

Jared swiftly retracted his spiritual sense, his face expressionless. It was as though he had failed to make any discovery.

At that very juncture, Norm came clean and revealed, “Actually, Dad, they accidentally broke a statue. Please do ask for forgiveness from the deity on behalf of them…”

However, he didn’t say that Jared had done it on purpose. Norm was clearly covering up for Jared.

“W-What? They broke a statue?”

Terrell’s face clouded over on that note.

Witnessing that change, Jared voiced out, “It was an accident, King Duncan. I’ll compensate for it. Why the astonishing look, however? Is there something more to the statue than meets the eye, King Duncan?”

Terrell hurriedly regained his composure while shaking his head. “What makes you say so? The statue merely serves as an icon of faith for the people. I’ll just ask our craftsman to carve another one later. It’s getting late, now. You guys should stay for the night.”

After dropping the sentence, he directed his gaze toward his son and instructed, “Show them to their bedrooms, Norm.”

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