A Man Like None Other Chapter 1565

Chapter 1565 A Misunderstanding

Meanwhile, Terrell was resting in the palace. Yet, suddenly, the Grand Elder was seen rushing over in a hurry. “Bad news, King Duncan! We received a report. The crown prince was taken away!” The Grand Elder could barely conceal his anxiety.

The second Terrell heard those words, he rose to his feet. “Who did that? Some nerve they have to lay a finger on my son!” he fumed, his visage livid.

“I heard that it was a bunch of foreigners who stepped in Encanta Island not too long ago.”

“Quick! Gather our men. How dare they touch my son when they’re on my territory! They must be tired of living!”

An overwhelming murderous intent was emanating from Terrell as he passed the order down.

After all, the Duncan family had always reigned supremacy in Encanta Island. So far, there hadn’t been a single soul who had had the audacity to challenge them.

In a flash, Terrell assembled several hundred guards and departed from the palace altogether.

Concurrently, Norm arrived at the palace with Jared and the gang.

The group could be seen chatting joyfully, seemingly to have grown acquainted with one another already.

“This is where I stay,” said Norm as he pointed at the palace right before their eyes.

As soon as Colin clapped eyes on it, he couldn’t help but exclaim, “Goodness gracious. What a magnificent building…”

All the while, Colin had always thought that his house in Shadow Estate was already impressive enough. Nevertheless, the moment he caught sight of the palace, his own residence became like a pauper’s home in his eyes.

At first glance, one could easily deduce that the palace had a structure that was put together with a one-of-a-kind technique. Obviously, it must have a long history.

Even each and every brick used looked like it had been polished by hand.

Jared quickly activated his spiritual sense to envelope the walls of the palace. He wanted to find out whether the majestic construction was protected by an arcane array.

After scouting high and low, he couldn’t detect any reaction coming from the palace. In other words, the palace wasn’t safeguarded by an arcane array of any sort. That alone smelled like a suspicion to him.

Logically speaking, such a primal location in Encanta Island which was born for spiritual energy cultivation should be shielded by at least some kind of defensive arcane array.

“How long has the palace been built, Norm?” asked Jared as he shifted his line of sight to Norm.

Norm shook his head in return. “That I have no clue. I heard it from my dad that this palace has already existed before we, the Duncans, even set foot on Encanta Island.”

“Huh? Aren’t your family the ones who constructed this building?” queried Colin.

His voice was laced with surprise.

Norm shook his head once again. “Nope. Based on the Duncan family’s genealogy, we’ve only been here for about four hundred years, but this palace has been on this ground for more than a millennium. So, there’s no way we could’ve built it ourselves!”

“All right, now. Let’s head in and take a look.” With that said, Jared spearheaded the initiative to march toward the palace.

Since the Duncan family wasn’t the original owner of the palace, there had to be an abundance of hidden secrets in that place.

Just as Jared and the rest took a couple of steps forward, they stumbled upon a horde of hundreds of people stepping out of the palace flamboyantly. Each one of them was decked in sturdy armor, looking ever so menacing.

In particular, the leader of the troop was even clad in a golden suit of armor, coupled with a spear in his hand. That man portrayed a demeanor as imposing as he could get.

“Why is Dad heading out of the palace?” muttered Norm to himself unwittingly as he saw the man in the golden armor.

Before Norm could part his lips to utter a word, Terrell was already storming toward Jared and his squad in a huff.

“Scoundrel! You must have the guts to hold my son captive. Free him now, or I’ll make sure you suffer a horrible fate!” roared Terrell.

A surge of domineering aura burst forth from him blatantly then and there.

At that point in time, the Grand Elder beside Terrell caught a glimpse of Jared, and immediately, the Grand Elder’s countenance took a drastic change. “It’s you guys?”

“Hmm? Do you know them?” questioned Terrell as he gazed at the Grand Elder.

“King Duncan, this lad here is the guy I mentioned to you. He’s the one who has achieved the phase of Nascent Soul at a tender age.”

The Grand Elder lifted a finger in Jared’s direction as he spoke.

Right after Terrell heard the statement, his mien turned as grim as death.

That would be logical, for being only at the Top Level of Golden Core, he could never hold a candle to someone who was already in the Nascent Soul phase.

In an instant, Norm elucidated the matter to his father, “You’ve been mistaken, Dad. They didn’t imprison me or anything. I do look perfectly fine, don’t I? It was all a misunderstanding. Why don’t we talk about it inside?”

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