A Man Like None Other Chapter 1527

Chapter 1527 Bearing Witness

Back at the Warriors Alliance, Skylar was sipping coffee in the grand hall, confident that the four Black Copper Robe warriors would undoubtedly end Jared’s life.

Although he couldn’t stab Jared in person to avenge his father’s death, he didn’t mind it at all, for vengeance was no longer his priority.

Just then, three of the Black Copper Robe warriors hurried into the room, upon which they were swiftly greeted by Skylar.

As a fellow Black Copper Robe, he didn’t dare show them any disrespect.

However, when he saw that only three had returned and all were injured, a sense of dread suddenly crept into him.

“Have you killed Jared?” he asked curiously.

Instead of replying, the three warriors grabbed a drink and gulped it down first.

A short while later, one of them questioned, “Jared is a lot stronger than we imagined. What kind of information have you given us? Now that we have lost a teleportation device and gotten one man killed, you had better come up with a good reason to explain yourself to Lord Tanner!”

Their words caused Skylar to be stunned.

“That’s impossible. No matter how strong Jared is, there’s no way he can defeat the four of you. How can this be?”

Skylar couldn’t comprehend how four Martial Arts Marquis armed with a teleportation device had failed to kill Jared.

Regardless of how rapidly Jared’s strength grew, there was no way he could have achieved such ridiculous power.

“What do you mean?” The three warriors looked at Skylar in unison. “Are you accusing us of not going all out?”

Their icy gazes brimmed with murderous intent, for they knew the consequences of failing the mission due to their lack of effort.

“That’s not what I meant. I just find it unbelievable,” Skylar explained with a frown.

“We’ll discuss this again when President Zeigler is back. He was present at the arena and bore witness to the event.”

With that, one of the Black Copper Robe warriors took a seat and didn’t comment further.

In the meantime, Skylar, too, returned to his place. We’ll have to wait till Zion is back. What was supposed to be an assured victory has now become nothing but a mess.

Soon, Zion returned wearing a furious and indignant expression.

If Fernando hadn’t intervened, Jared’s death would have never been in doubt. Also, if the three Black Copper Robe warriors hadn’t fled at the last minute, Jared wouldn’t have been able to persevere till the end.

“You f*cking pieces of trash!”

Despite his incessant swearing, there was just no changing the past.

Meanwhile, Skylar hurried up to Zion the moment he saw the latter.

“President Zeigler, what happened with Jared? Why did the four Black Copper Robes fail to kill him?” the clueless Skylar inquired.

“If they hadn’t fled in cowardice, Jared would have been done for,” Zion replied with contempt after throwing the trio a glance.

If the Black Copper Robe warriors weren’t ranked higher than Zion, he would have ordered them to be executed.

“Fled?” Skylar gave the three a stunned look.

“Zion, what the f*ck are you saying? How can you accuse us of fleeing? Didn’t you see for yourself what was going on back then?”

“Jared destroyed our teleportation device and killed one of our comrades!”

“In the end, he even ignited his blood essence for a suicide attack. If we had continued the fight, we would have lost our lives for nothing.”

One by one, the three Black Copper Robe warriors roared at Zion, defending themselves.

At the sight of the trio trying to shamelessly shift the blame, Zion exposed them, “After your retreat, Jared, who had reached the limits of his powers, lost consciousness right away. He was evidently just trying to scare you!”

“Did you manage to kill him while he was unconscious?” one of them rebutted.


Zion was suddenly bereft of words.

“President Zeigler, since Jared was a spent force and knocked out, shouldn’t it have been easy for you to kill him? Why didn’t you?”

Skylar, too, demanded to know.

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