A Man Like None Other Chapter 1526

Chapter 1526 Above The Fray

Edgar, in spite of his swelling defiance, didn’t dare protest further. The casual palm strike Fernando unleashed had clearly reminded him of the gulf in power that stood between them.

No one had anticipated that the reclusive Fernando was capable of displaying such tremendous power. “Mr. Gunderson, since you have made your decision…”

Even Zion couldn’t help but be cowed by the prowess Fernando had exhibited. “Cut the crap. If I find out that the Warriors Alliance is responsible for harming my daughter, you’ll suffer the consequences.”

With that, Franklin turned toward Lachlan. “Lachlan, let’s go.”

Without a moment’s delay, Lachlan left with Fernando, together with his men. Watching Jared being evacuated, Zion roared, “Just you wait! I’ll make all of you pay!”

As his ego had been dealt a devastating blow, Edgar’s eyes narrowed as the glower on his face deepened.

All this while, he had assumed he was a giant in the Jadeborough martial arts world due to his body being possessed and the innate talent that allowed him to cultivate rapidly.

However, after being put in his place, the reality that there were plenty of others who were more powerful finally dawned upon him.

“Mr. Gunderson, thank you. I appreciate what you have done. If not for your intervention, Mr. Chance would likely have been finished off in the arena.”

Halfway through their journey, Lachlan dropped to his knees in front of Fernando.

He was cognizant of how instrumental Fernando had been in their escape.

He didn’t mind sacrificing himself, but Jared’s life had to be protected at all costs.

If not for the latter, the Dunn family would have long since ceased to exist.

After betraying Jared once, Lachlan could no longer go against his own conscience. For that reason, he was willing to lay his life down for the former.

“Lachlan, what are you doing? I just couldn’t tolerate the Warriors Alliance’s behavior, that’s all. Moreover, they must have been behind what happened to my daughter. Once I get my hands on the evidence, I’ll definitely mete out justice upon them.”

After helping Lachlan to his feet, Fernando continued, “Lachlan, where do you plan to take Jared?”

After giving the grievously wounded Jared a glance, Lachlan hesitated before replying in resignation, “Given the gravity of his injuries, we’ll have to take him to the Dunn residence first and reevaluate the situation after a few days of recuperation.”

“Lachlan, with the Warriors Alliance and the Deragons eager to strike at Jared anytime, will you be able to defend against them at the Dunn residence?” Fernando asked.

Briefly stunned, the embarrassed Lachlan shook his head. “I’m afraid not, but I’m worried that Mr. Chance’s body can’t take the trip to the Medicine God Sect.”

Jared, whose entire body was covered in blood, looked as if he was going to breathe his last anytime.

“Lachlan, if you’re willing to trust me, take Jared to the Gunderson residence. I’m confident that the Warriors Alliance won’t expect him to be there. Even if they did, they wouldn’t dare come,” Fernando proposed sincerely.

Lachlan responded with a heavy nod after giving the unconscious Jared a look. “All right. Thank you, Mr. Gunderson.”

Soon, Jared was sent to recuperate at the Gunderson residence, where Fernando arranged for him to be accommodated in an extremely comfortable room.

“Dad, why did you break the family taboo on Jared’s account?” the baffled Astrid asked.

The Gunderson family’s taboo forbade them from getting involved in the affairs of the martial arts world.

That was the reason they kept to themselves over the years and never got into conflict with anyone else.

“Sometimes, it’s not up to us to stay above the fray. Now that the martial arts world is going through an upheaval, the days of peace are gone. There’s still plenty you don’t know and don’t need to know. All you should be focused on right now is your cultivation.”

After dismissing Astrid, Fernando stuffed a black pill into Jared’s mouth before taking his leave.

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