A Man Like None Other Chapter 1511

Chapter 1511 On The Same Boat

“Mr. Chance, are you visiting us at the Dunn residence because you need something from us?” Lachlan knew Jared must have some instructions for the Dunn family when the latter visited them.

Jared nodded. “Old Mr. Dunn, I will be meeting Edgar at the martial arts arena tomorrow to get Renee back in exchange for returning Ryker to him. I’m worried that Edgar will break his promise. Hence, I need the Dunn family to spread this information. If many peers from the martial arts world are at the arena on the day of the exchange, I’m sure Ryker won’t have the courage to trick us in front of the crowd.”

“What? Renee was abducted by Edgar?” Howard was furious after hearing that.

“Leave this to me, Mr. Chance. I’ll be sure to handle it well.” Lachlan nodded.

“There’s one more thing that I need your help with. Tell the sects and prestigious families who once offended me to visit the Dunn residence and apologize to me. I’ll be awaiting their visit here at the Dunn residence today. Let them know that they only have one day to comply! If not, they shall bear the consequences of having their sects and families eliminated,” Jared declared with murderous intent.

A chill went down Lachlan’s spine when he sensed Jared’s murderous intent. However, he knew the latter was doing this as a show of support for the Dunn family.

Based on the current situation in Jadeborough’s martial arts world, the isolated Dunn family would eventually be wiped out by other sects and prestigious families.

Jared’s high-profile approach in handling the matter also served as a warning to those sects and prestigious families to stay away from the Dunn family.

Not long after, the news regarding Jared being alive and returning to Jadeborough spread like wildfire across the martial arts forum.

Moreover, Jared was also the black-robed man who eliminated thirteen sects and prestigious families previously.

Thus, this intimidated many sects and prestigious families who used to target Jared.

“Jared is too impressive. I can’t believe he massacred thirteen sects and prestigious families in one go.”

“There were people who thought the black-robed man was Gilbert. Who would’ve thought he was actually Jared?”

“Just wait and see. I’m sure there will be more sects and prestigious families in Jadeborough’s martial arts world that will be destroyed soon!”

Many sects and prestigious families prepared big gifts before visiting the Dunn residence to apologize to Jared.

After all, after seeing the tragedy that befell thirteen of their own previously, nobody dared to offend Jared anymore.

Meanwhile, at the Warriors Alliance, Edgar looked for Zion hurriedly. “President Zeigler, Jared has moved the time for the exchange forward. Not only that, but he has also announced the venue to the public. Many people will definitely go to the martial arts arena tomorrow. What should we do?” Edgar asked frantically.

They initially planned to attack Jared at the martial arts arena. That way, even if someone found out about the situation and visited the arena, there wouldn’t be too large of a crowd.

However, since Jared had publicized the news, there might be a surge of people visiting the arena.

If they went ahead with their plan, the Warriors Alliance would be reprimanded by everyone in the martial arts world.

“Stick to our plan tomorrow. Now that things have developed to this point, killing Jared is the most crucial key to our success. As for the rumors and discussions, we can just suppress them with force in the future,” Zion responded.

Zion had already arranged for four Black Copper Robe experts, so there was no way he could change the plan at the last minute.

“What are the odds of assassinating Jared successfully?” asked Edgar.

Zion narrowed his eyes and said confidently, “I am a hundred percent sure we will succeed. There is no way he can escape with four Black Copper Robe experts attacking him. This time, I will watch him die with my own eyes.”

Edgar heaved a sigh of relief. Ever since he fought Jared and was beaten up by the latter, he was traumatized.

At that moment, Skylar walked in slowly and said, “Before we kill Jared, we must meet Mr. Sanders and have him instruct the authorities to punish Jared. This is to make sure the authorities will keep their mouths shut. After all, Jared did wipe out over ten of the sects and prestigious families. He shouldn’t have done it, regardless of the grudges he had with them.”

“Do you think Mr. Sanders will punish Jared when they’re good friends?” Zion questioned.

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