A Man Like None Other Chapter 1507

Chapter 1507 Wait For Him To Come

At dawn, Zion brought four Black Copper Robe warriors to the martial arts arena and sealed off the entire building with spiritual arts.

The invisible blockade they set up would trap Jared inside the arena. It would prevent him from escaping away once it was activated.

Zion glanced around the deathly silent martial arts arena. His body started trembling as anxiety began to sweep over him.

He had no idea if he could kill Jared.

“You must crush him and destroy the elixir field and Nascent Soul in his body as soon as possible. We always have a hard time killing him because he’s a spiritual energy cultivator,” Zion reminded the Black Copper Robe warriors.

“We know what to do. Don’t worry. But it’s quite a miracle for him to reach the Nascent Soul level since spiritual energy is scarce,” one of the Black Copper Robe warriors said.

Spirits of former spiritual energy cultivators were actually residing in the body of the Black Copper Robe warriors, but those spirits were demonic cultivators!

Not only did demonic cultivators exist among martial arts cultivators, but they were also found among the spiritual energy cultivators.

Thousands of years ago, the land was abundant with spiritual energy. While spiritual energy cultivators were everywhere, people hardly knew about the existence of martial art cultivators.

Yet, spiritual energy started to deplete over time, and most spiritual energy cultivators had either fled or passed away. As the number of spiritual energy cultivators dwindled, martial arts cultivators began to grow.

As time went by, spiritual energy cultivators almost disappeared from the face of the earth. Martial arts cultivators, on the other hand, became the mainstream standards.

Some of those involved in demonic cultivation used the energy they had left before dying to retain a part of their spirit in this world. They hoped to reincarnate when spiritual energy revived!

Nonetheless, there was no sign of the revival of spiritual energy even though thousands of years had gone by. The spirit that still roamed on earth had to find a host, or else they would vanish into thin air.

These spirits possessed their hosts and did anything they could to push them to their limits on their cultivation journey. As the hosts advanced to the next level, they, too, could absorb the power from their hosts as a way to attain reincarnation.

“Oh, one more thing—Jared, too, can absorb people’s power to strengthen himself, so be careful. Don’t be so engrossed in wanting to absorb his energy and give him any chance to sneak up on you.” Zion gave the Black Copper Robe warriors another reminder.

That was how Edgar had lost an arm in Bliss City when he had tried to absorb Jared’s power.

“We don’t want to absorb his power. We just want his Nascent Soul.” A Black Copper Robe warrior smirked.

Since Jared was a spiritual energy cultivator, extracting his Nascent Soul would benefit them more than absorbing his power.

“All right, then. We shall now wait for Jared to come.” Zion narrowed his eyes after glancing at his broken arm.

Meanwhile, everyone in Medicine God Sect was overjoyed. They had never been this happy.

Laughter filled the air because Jared had returned alive.

While the celebration was going on, Jared sat quietly in a room and lit a cigarette. He was not alone, as Ryker was sitting right in front of him.

Ryker’s face was still swollen, and he looked like a hot mess.

It was bizarre for the uncle to meet with his nephew under such circumstances.

Nonetheless, Jared had never regarded Ryker as his family. He wished he could just finish him off right on the spot.

“Why did you lock my mother up for more than twenty years? What are you trying to get from her?” Jared asked calmly while puffing on a cigarette.

Ryker gave him a killer stare and kept mum.

Jared was not mad as he had expected Ryker’s reaction. He knew the man would not tell him anything.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to speak, but I want you to know that I’ll kill you and your son, rescue my mother, and eventually exterminate the entire Deragon family,” Jared threatened steadily.

Ryker remained silent but responded with a smirk.

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