A Man Like None Other Chapter 1506

Chapter 1506 Rules

Knowing he was no match for Jared, Zion decided to call a meeting to get help from the higher-ups.

Yet, they despised him. At that point, he had somewhat gauged the people’s opinions of him in the Warriors Alliance.

Although Skylar was just the alliance’s vice president, his appointment was made by Tanner. On top of that, Skylar had attained the Black Copper Robe level. It was also clear that Skylar was more capable than Zion in many ways. Zion finally understood he was nothing more than a puppet.

Zion did not believe Skylar when the latter had told him the man in the black robe was Jared, but now that the truth had spoken for itself, Zion could only give in to Skylar.

Since Skylar was the man in power, Zion would need his help to mobilize the higher-ups.

Soon, a few men in black robes with a copper-colored emblem gathered in the Warriors Alliance’s meeting room. They all belonged to the rank of Black Copper Robe.

Although these men ranked the lowest among the higher-ups, they were not people Zion could mess with.

They were just as capable as Zion, if not more powerful than him.

In their society, individuals’ prestige and position in the social hierarchy were benchmarked against their ability. In other words, their ability meant everything.

After a briefing, Zion said, “Mr. Norton, Jared is the biggest threat to the Warriors Alliance. We must get rid of him. Besides, Jared is your arch-enemy. You can lead a few Black Copper Robe warriors to finish him off. He’ll die in your hands for sure.”

Zion could not help but shudder when thinking of Jared. He just hoped Skylar would bring his men to wipe Jared out.

“You should do it instead, President Zeigler. You can take four Black Copper Robe warriors with you. Unless you’re afraid of Jared?” Skylar asked nonchalantly.

“Of course not! I’m just giving you a chance to avenge yourself!” Zion refused to admit his fear of Jared.

“It doesn’t matter who kills Jared. Anyone can avenge me by killing him. Now, I need to focus on strengthening my ability.”

At that stage, Skylar was not thinking of killing Jared to avenge himself. He had a bigger goal in mind.

Ever since he had witnessed how powerful the Warriors Alliance higher-ups, including the unpredictable Tanner, were, Skylar was determined to reach the top of the pyramid of the martial arts world.

To him, killing Jared was of secondary importance now.

“But we still need a plan. We must figure out the right place to ambush him and finish him off.” Zion then took out a map containing the different routes that led to the martial arts arena.

“Don’t waste your time. The martial arts arena is the best place to kill him,” Skylar said while waving a hand.

“If we take action against Jared at the martial arts arena, others will know that we’re ganging up on him. It’d be against the rules, wouldn’t it?” Zion looked at him in confusion.

“Rules?” Skylar let out a cold snort. “Rules are men-made, and powerful men can bend any rules. Who dares to challenge them?”

Skylar’s remark instantly rendered Zion speechless.

Zion noticed Skylar was becoming increasingly hostile. Sometimes, the way Skylar spoke and behaved would even send shivers down Zion’s spine.

He bobbed his head in acknowledgment and said, “All right. I’ll take them to the martial arts arena to prevent Jared from running away…”

It was an embarrassment for the president of the Warriors Alliance to come up with such a plan, but he did not have a choice. Zion hoped he could retire peacefully after getting rid of Jared once and for all.

The next day, the martial arts arena was exceptionally silent. That was because no one would go to that place when there was no match.

The martial arts arena was built in a secluded location to avoid hurting the innocents. It was built within the mountains to contain the fighters’ energy waves and invincible forces within the enclosure.

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