A Man Like None Other Chapter 1498

Chapter 1498 What Right Do You Have

When Rayleigh saw the scene, he quickly rushed over to help Oakley up. “Oakley, are you okay?”

“Brat, I’m going to kill you!”

All of a sudden, a sharp serrated blade emanating cold air appeared in Quad’s hand.

In the next second, he shot forward toward Edgar like a bolt of lightning, then stabbed the icy blade at Edgar’s chest.


Quad had stabbed his knife at Edgar’s chest, but the blade had broken off and did not harm Edgar at all.

“What a clown!” Edgar burst out laughing before shooting out his palm to send Quad flying.

Oakley and Quad stared at Edgar in disbelief.

They had never thought that Edgar would grow so strong so soon. They were no longer a match for him.

At that moment, Travis and Brody were fighting Ryker, who was slightly weaker than Edgar.

Yet, Ryker did not look as though he was about to lose in the fight against Brody and Travis.

“Father, allow me.”

Edgar dashed toward Ryker as if he was teleporting.

He shot out two palms and sent Brody and Travis soaring in the air.

Ryker was delighted to witness Edgar’s current combat prowess.

“Edgar, you’re getting stronger and stronger. The duty of bringing glory to the Deragon family will fall onto your shoulders, my son,” Ryker praised.

Edgar did not speak. He was studying The Villainous Four, who were all on the ground. Then he sneered. “Four Martial Arts Marquises, huh? The resources have come to my doorstep to sacrifice themselves. Once I absorb your powers, I may become even mightier.”

Edgar had yet to kill The Villainous Four because he wanted to absorb their powers.

“Edgar, the one you want to kill is me. Let them go. I’ll let you do anything you want with me,” Rayleigh said as he shielded The Villainous Four.

“Hahaha! Are you trying to pull my leg? What right do you have to negotiate with me? It’s not as if you can escape alive if I don’t let them go. Don’t worry. The five of you are going to die. I can’t believe a loser like you is trying to negotiate with me!” Edgar ridiculed before laughing boisterously again.

Rayleigh paled. Edgar was right. What right did he have to negotiate with the other man?

Right as Edgar started walking toward The Villainous Four, the sounds of footsteps made him halt in his tracks.

He saw seven to eight people rushing in his direction, and he could sense that they were all Martial Arts Marquises.

Edgar frowned, wondering why so many Martial Arts Marquises had appeared.

Could they be from Medicine God Sect?

While Edgar was gripped by confusion, those people reached him. It was then he realized that they were all from the Deragon family.

When Ryker realized that the Deragon family’s fighters had all come to them, he frowned and questioned, “Why are you all here? Didn’t I order you to keep watch at home?”

“Bad news, Mr. Deragon! Bad news!” said one of the fighters, panting from exertion. “The black-robed man has broken into the Deragon residence!”

“What?” Ryker’s heart lurched. “Why did you all come here, then? Why didn’t you stop him?”

“Mr. Deragon, the black-robed man is too skillful! He killed Mr. Quiroz with just one move. We’re no match for him at all,” the fighter said in a quavering voice.

“Damn it. How dare he barge into the Deragon residence? I won’t let him go so easily!”

Fury was burning bright in Ryker’s eyes. The Deragon family was considered a prominent family in Jadeborough. If the news of the black-robed man slaughtering them this easily spread, they would suffer a massive hit to their reputation.

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