A Man Like None Other Chapter 1496

Chapter 1496 The Nearest Distance

“Is that you, my child? Is that you?” Beatrice called out gently.

Although the arcane array had sealed off the dungeon, thus making it impossible for any sound to escape from within, Jared froze because he sensed something.

He seemed to have heard his mother calling him.

“Mother? Mother!” Jared yelled, and a beam of golden light exuded from his forehead. Using his spiritual sense, he was determined to see his mother since the stone gate could not be shattered.

Unfortunately, his spiritual sense could not penetrate the stone gate. Other than a muffled and weak aura, Jared couldn’t feel or see anything else.

However, he was certain that the weak aura belonged to his mother.


Following his sudden and crazy roar, his spiritual energy grew stronger, and the Dragonslayer Sword in his hand vibrated more intensely.

“Mother! Mother…”

Jared slashed the stone gate with the Dragonslayer Sword with all his might.

Beams of light flashed rapidly from the Dragonslayer Sword. The formidable aura caused Godrick to flee. If he stayed, his body would be torn into pieces.

Jared continued slashing at the gate until he was drenched in sweat. He only stopped and slumped to the ground in defeat when he used up his spiritual energy.

By that time, the surrounding buildings had already collapsed. Sitting on the ground and glaring at the stone gate, he let out a desperate howl.

“Mother, Mother…”

Jared’s yells were filled with bitterness.

This was the nearest he had ever been to his mother. His mother was right in front of him, but he could not do anything.

Jared felt crushed by the sense of defeat.

If only he had more time to find the core, it wouldn’t be impossible for him to break through the arcane array. Unfortunately, he couldn’t waste any more time here.

Right now, he had to save Renee and Rayleigh. If Rayleigh died because of this, Jared would never be able to live with himself.

“Mother, I swear I will save you one day…”

Jared bowed in the direction of the gate.

In the dungeon, Beatrice felt Jared’s presence. As tears flowed down her cheeks, she muttered, “My child, my dear child, I trust you…”

Jared got up slowly and turned back helplessly because he had to save Renee.

Although Jared couldn’t bear to leave his mother, he had no choice. He kept turning around to glance at the stone gate after taking a few steps back. Gritting his teeth, he finally turned around and left.

Godrick stayed far away from Jared because his power was enough to shatter everything nearby into pieces.

“Where is Renee?” Jared asked Godrick.

“Renee?” Godrick looked confused because he had no idea that Edgar had captured and imprisoned Renee.

That was also the reason he had brought Jared to Beatrice instead of Renee in the first place because he thought Jared had barged into the Deragon residence to save his mother.

Seeing the clueless look on Godrick’s face, Jared released his spiritual sense once again to capture Renee’s aura.

Unfortunately, Jared couldn’t find any trace of Renee after spreading his spiritual sense to the entire Deragon residence.

“Did Edgar not lock up Renee in the Deragon residence?”

Jared couldn’t help frowning.

Renee’s aura was absent in the Deragon residence. It was highly possible that Edgar had kept her somewhere else.

Right now, all Jared could do was rush back to Medicine God Sect to stop Rayleigh.

He felt dejected for not being able to rescue Renee and his mother at the Deragon residence, but he still rushed over to Medicine God Sect at his fastest speed in the hopes of stopping Rayleigh in time.

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