A Cue for Love chapter 1209

Chapter 1209 Rest Well

The five kids bawled their eyes out with their noses dripping and tears sliding down their faces. “So what if this were a dream? I wish this dream would last longer,” Franklin declared.

“I miss you so much, Mommy!” Clayton cried. Xavian chimed in. “Mommy… Mommy, do you know how much I missed you?”

“I’m scared of ghosts, but a ghost that looks like Mommy must be a good ghost!” Yumi shouted. “Exactly! It’s okay, even if she’s a ghost! I will never let go of such a nice ghost! If Mommy dies, I’ll die with her!” Sophia sobbed, gasping for air.

The five children said those childish words amid their tears, and upon hearing them, Natalie did not know whether to laugh or cry.

She wanted to laugh at their childish words, but she also felt like crying as she was touched by their love for her.

In her absence, all of them had lost quite a lot of weight, especially Sophia. Their once plump face had lost their roundness, and their chins had become more defined.

Being the five children’s mother, Natalie felt her heart clench painfully, and a lump grew in her throat.

“I’m sorry. I promise I will never leave you all again,” Natalie declared, her voice hoarse.

Only then did the five of them raise their heads in unison to gaze at her upon hearing her words.

Blinking her watery eyes, Sophia said, “S-She isn’t a ghost! Ghosts have no feet, but this mommy has feet, which means that this mommy is not a ghost. Mommy is still alive!”

Natalie stroked Sophia’s head, smiled, and nodded. “Yes, I’m not a ghost. I’m human. I’m back!”

As they touched Natalie’s warm hands and saw her familiar face, the five kids were so exuberant that they almost danced with joy.


“I knew it! Our mommy is the best! There’s no way the bad people can kill her so easily!”

“Mommy, welcome back!”

“Mommy, you promised! You can’t leave us for so long next time!”

“I love you, Mommy! I’m glad nothing happened to you!”

The kids surrounded Natalie and told her their longing to see her.

Natalie also basked in the joy of being reunited with her children. Just like how they missed her, she also missed them very much.

Just then, Emma was also awakened by the kids’ clamoring. Seeing how they interact with Natalie, she felt a shiver run down her spine. “Oh my god! What’s happening?” she stuttered.

Billy chuckled. “Emma, do you still not understand?”

“What?” Emma asked, still confused.

Clayton ran to Emma and grabbed her weathered hands. “Mrs. Bunton, you’re so dumb! This is not Mommy’s ghost! This is Mommy! She’s back alive!” he shouted excitedly.

Although Emma did not know what exactly had happened, she was still reduced to tears, emotional to see Natalie alive and well before her. “Ms. Nichols, it’s good to see you return safely! I can eat more today!”

Samuel did not disturb their reunion and let Natalie do whatever she wanted, but upon seeing cold sweat build up on her forehead, he interrupted, “Let’s continue tomorrow. It’s getting late, and your mommy needs rest.”

Reluctant to part with Natalie, the children said hesitantly, “C-Can we…”

Before they could complete their sentence, Samuel threw them a cold glare, and they fell silent. In the end, the five uttered in unison, “Mommy, rest well,” before quickly returning to their bedrooms.

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