A Cue for Love chapter 1208

Chapter 1208 Ghost of Mommy Is Back

Natalie punched Samuel’s chest lightly. With her almond-shaped eyes full of determination, she insisted, “I only hurt my shoulders, not my legs… I’m able to walk on my own. In the event that I can’t, I’m certain you will ensure I’m safe and sound!”

If one read between the lines, one could tell that Natalie’s words were full of praise for Samuel. Although Samuel knew that Natalie intentionally did so, he was still taken in by her sweet talk. He gave in to her, stopped carrying her, and let her walk back by herself.

Upon reaching home, Emma answered the door. “Who is it? Is that Mr. Bowers?”

Emma thought Samuel had returned, so she opened the door to receive him. But after looking clearly at the person at the door, she shrieked in shock, “G-Ghost… Ghost!”

Natalie felt a little sheepish by Emma’s reaction. She tried to explain, “Emma, I-I am not…”

Before Emma could hear what Natalie had to say, she blacked out and fainted due to shock.

Natalie wanted to catch Emma, but Billy acted faster than her. He managed to grab Emma before she collapsed to the ground.

Natalie turned around to look at Samuel before breaking into an awkward smile.

“Oh dear. I seem to have frighten Emma.”

“It’s all right. She will regain consciousness soon. We’ll just have to explain when she wakes up,” Samuel comforted her. “Emma is a reliable housekeeper. When you were not around, she was the one who made sure the house and the children were all well taken care of.”

As Natalie listened to Samuel’s comforting words, she glanced at Emma. A warm fuzzy feeling filled her heart.

Emma remained loyal to Natalie by keeping the house in check and selflessly looking after the children, even though her master was no longer around. Emma’s steadfast loyalty touched Natalie deeply.

“When she’s awake, I must reward her handsomely.” Natalie smiled.

Meanwhile, Emma’s shriek could be heard loud and clear throughout the house. The five children upstairs wondered what had happened to make Emma scream that way. Filled with curiosity, they began to make their way down.

Soon after, the hurried footsteps of five children could be heard from the stairs.

“Mrs. Bunton, what happened? Where’s the ghost?” Franklin was the first one who came down. His little face was filled with concern.

As the one leading the pack, naturally, he would be the first to see Natalie. Upon first look, Franklin’s entire body froze as if he was nailed to the ground. He stared at Natalie perplexedly while mumbling, “Are my eyes playing a trick on me? Or am I dreaming?”

The other four children became confused when they saw Franklin standing there, still as a statue.

But as the four of them noticed Natalie, they stood dumbfounded too. They stared at her with their eyes and mouths wide open.

I’m sure I saw Mommy’s dead body—it was cold like ice. After that, Daddy brought a small box home. Mrs. Bunton said that Mommy was inside the box. But now… Mommy is standing in front of us? The same thoughts ran through the little children’s confused minds.

Natalie had not fully recovered from her injuries, so she still looked quite pale and frail. Moreover, the earlier commotion caused by Emma made the five of them believe the Natalie standing in front of them was their mother’s spirit!

Mommy must have missed us so much that she returned to see us in her spirit form! Boohoo… That must be it! Each of them was overwhelmed with emotions, being able to see their mother again.

“Mommy’s ghost is back!” Sophia wailed loudly in between broken sobs.

Oh goodness, what am I to do now? Natalie felt absolutely helpless at that moment. Well, it looks like Emma is not the only one who treats me as a ghost, even the children think I’m one too!

Just as Natalie was in a dilemma deciding whether to rush over and hug the children but risk frightening them, the five little ones ran to her without hesitation. They clung tightly onto her legs like tiny accessories hanging from a Christmas tree.

Natalie’s heart melted as she watched their adorable faces and actions.

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