A Cue for Love chapter 1174

Chapter 1174 Hide The Truth

Geert could not believe his eyes. Did… did Helma kill Heidi? After a moment of hesitation, he stumbled over to Helma, muttering, “Helma! What’s going on? What happened to Heidi? Speak to me… Tell me what happened here!”

Helma glanced at the blood-stained fruit knife in her hands before replying blankly, “I killed her.” Shock filled Geert’s eyes. “Why?”

“She deserved it,” she answered coldly. “Heidi is your sister. No matter how mean she was to you, she is still your family! How could you be so cruel to her?” He thundered, “You are an educated person. Don’t you know it’s illegal to kill someone?”

Helma nonchalantly tossed the fruit knife away and said, “I killed her, and she’s dead. If you call the police on me, you will lose not only her but me as well. By doing so, there will be no heir left in the Leitz family, and we will become a laughingstock to everyone…”

There, she paused and lifted her eyes to look into Geert’s before continuing, “Of course, you can also choose to help me hide the truth. After all, Heidi was debauched, messing around with many men. She was a disgrace to the Leitz family for causing such a great scandal on the internet. Now, she has ended her life out of shame because her licentious lifestyle was exposed. Perhaps the public will forget what she did very soon, and the damage to the Leitz family will be minimal. It’s up to you to decide which route you want to take, Father…”

Geert looked at the dead Heidi on the ground and then at the crazed Helma in front of him. For a moment, he stood frozen in place, feeling at a loss.

What kind of cursed misfortune is this? Both of my daughters are equally dear to me. It’s only fitting that I have my daughter’s murderer be convicted for the crime they’ve committed. But… I’ve already lost a daughter. Do I have to send my other daughter to jail?

“Helma… are you forcing my hand?” he asked.

“Father, can I do that?” Helma took off the scarf around her neck, revealing the bruises that had yet to fade. Then, she started chuckling so hard that tears filled her eyes. “If you want to avenge Heidi, you could strangle me like you did last time. Wrap your hands around my neck longer this time, and I’ll be dead too.”

Memories of that incident flashed across Geert’s mind following her reminder. I nearly strangled Helma to death the last time. But that was not the real me.

Even though he was overwhelmed with guilt, he did not know how to explain himself. “Helma… Previously… I…”

“It’s fine if you don’t want to admit it.” Helma rewrapped the scarf around her neck, hiding those bruises again. “Have you made up your mind yet? Do you want to call the police and have them arrest me?”

Geert stared at her with a gaze filled with pain and determination. I only have Helma now. If anything untoward happens to her, I will be left with nothing.

By then, he had completely given in. In order to make Heidi’s death look like a suicide, he steeled himself and chose to be Helma’s accomplice, hiding the truth along with her.

Under Geert’s instructions, the evidence at the crime scene was thoroughly cleaned up. Then, the father and daughter duo cooperated to convince the police that Heidi had taken her own life.

With their statements corroborating each other’s, the police concluded that no foul play was involved in Heidi’s death. That was how Heidi’s story ended.

Not long after her scandal was exposed to the public, she was revealed to have chosen to end her life with a drastic method because she could not withstand the backlash from the crowd.

The netizens who had reproved her for her wickedness could only comment that she was as detestable as she was pitiable. They all soon lost interest in the matter, for a piece of more captivating news about a wedding caught their attention—Bastien announced that he would marry Lunetta, the daughter of the Lovas family.

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