A Cue for Love chapter 1171

Chapter 1171 A Nobody To Him

Amid the heavy rain, Samuel stood before the tombstone. His gaze was unfathomable, while his fists were tightly clenched. The veins on his arms visibly bulged as his fingernails dug into his palms. Even when the rain drenched his hair and clothes, he remained still.

The man swore to himself that he would find Natalie and bring her home. Right then, Heidi was sitting in the driver’s seat of a car not far away, observing Samuel’s every move through the binoculars.

Watching him being overcome with grief, she bit her lip tightly without realizing it. Why does he still miss her so much when she’s already dead…

On the one hand, Heidi felt that he should not behave in that way, but on the other hand, she was deeply attracted to his affection for Natalie.

Geert’s attitude toward her own mother and everything she witnessed after returning to the Leitz family led her to draw the conclusion that all men were heartless. It was her first time understanding what it meant to be deeply in love and what a loyal man was.

She hated the fact that Samuel loved Natalie. However, it was undeniable that she envied his deep affection for the other woman.

It was no secret that Heidi liked Samuel. Deep down in her heart, she desperately wished to be loved in the same way by him.

For the whole duration that Samuel stood before the tombstone, she watched him with the binoculars from inside her car. It was only after the sky turned pitch black did he leave the cemetery dejectedly under the faint illumination of the street lamps.

A sudden beam of bright light shone on his face, causing him to squint his eyes instinctively. Then, he saw a silver Lamborghini come to a steady stop before him. Heidi pushed open the door and got out of the vehicle.

Once Samuel recognized her, he spoke in a voice deeper than usual. “It’s you.”

Heidi bobbed her head. “Yes, it’s me.” A beat later, she could not resist the urge to ask, “Aren’t you afraid of falling sick from being rained on for such a long time?”

Instead of replying, he walked past her.

The cold shoulder instantly ignited the rage in her heart, and she quickened her pace to walk up to Samuel and blocked his path by extending her arms.

“Wait! I was expressing my concern for you!”

Samuel raised his gaze to look at her. There was not a hint of emotion in his obsidian eyes.

“Get out of my way!”

“She’s dead, Samuel…” The envy that raged within Heidi prompted her to speak with no filter. “I know you loved her when she was alive. Buy why are you still thinking of her now that she’s dead? I’m younger than her, and I treat you better. Why won’t you give me a chance? Why are you so indifferent toward me?”

I don’t think I’m anywhere inferior to Natalie, be it looks, status or capabilities… I have everything she had and can do whatever she could when she was alive. As long as I work hard, with my family’s support, I believe it is only a matter of time before I own a conglomerate like Dream. I don’t understand why I can’t win Samuel’s heart when Natalie could!

Samuel stared indifferently at the anxious-looking woman before him and fell into a momentary silence.

“She’s not dead,” he said a few seconds later.

Heidi’s eyes went wide as her pitch got higher. “You’ve lost your mind! Her ashes are buried right here! Why can’t you get over her when she’s dead? Can’t you start afresh with me? I’ll be nice to you and your children. I’ll treat them like my own!”

As she spoke, she gripped Samuel’s hands.

“I’ve humbled myself because I want to be with you! Can you please not push me away?”

Heidi stood on tiptoes, wanting to kiss Samuel.

Alas, she was shoved away by him ruthlessly before she could even get near his lips.

Caught off guard, she fell to the ground.

The ground outside the cemetery was covered with muddy puddles due to the rain. Not only was Heidi in pain from the fall, but mud also splattered onto her, making her look a sorry sight.

Sitting on the ground, she glared at Samuel. “I’m already in such a state… What more do you want from me? No matter what, I’m still the younger daughter of the Leitz family. Am I truly a nobody to you?”

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