A Cue for Love chapter 1162

Chapter 1162 Give Me Back My Mommy

Jerome’s heart was completely broken as he knelt beside Natalie’s corpse and cried for a really long time. Not only was his love unreciprocated, but he also lost the woman he loved in such a tragic way.

He had already given up on trying to win her over. All he wanted was to protect her from the side, but even that was no longer possible. Being his rival in love, Samuel was able to understand the pain of losing Natalie.

As such, he decided to let Jerome spend some time with her before processing her corpse. The five kids came home from school later that night.

The looks on their faces changed the moment they saw Natalie’s portrait and her corpse in the living room. There were also bouquets of flowers on the side.

What? How is this possible? Why have we come back from school to this? Emma wiped her tears as she greeted them, “W-Welcome home…”

“Why is Mommy lying there?” Franklin asked with a frown. Emma, who was barely able to keep her emotions in check, broke down in tears when she heard that. “Mr. Franklin, your mother is gone…”

Although the kids had no idea where one would go after death, they knew for a fact that death was a permanent thing.

Clayton grabbed Emma’s arm and shook it as he said, “Stop crying, Mrs. Bunton! This isn’t April Fool’s Day, so you mustn’t make such nasty jokes! We’ll get really angry if you lie to us!”

Emma was so conflicted that she didn’t know what else to say to them.

Realizing that they wouldn’t be able to get any more information out of Emma, Sophia and Yumi decided to approach Samuel instead.

Sophia tugged at the hem of Samuel’s shirt as she said, “I don’t believe what Mrs. Bunton said because she’s quite old. You promised us that you would bring Mommy home safely…”

Yumi nodded profusely as she added, “Yeah! Mommy is really amazing! She’s the best mommy in the world! You’re amazing too, Daddy! You wouldn’t let anything bad happen to Mommy, right?”

The rest of the kids shifted their gaze toward Samuel upon hearing that. They were all hoping that he would tell them they were right, that Natalie was still alive.

It’s true that Mommy is lying here and all, but there must be more to it! There’s no way Mommy would just die like this! It’s just not possible!

Faced with the pure and innocent look in their eyes, Samuel slowly bent over and said solemnly, “I’m sorry; I failed to keep my promise. I wasn’t able to protect your mommy, and I will never get the chance to do so ever again. You should all pay your last respects to her…”

Those words struck the kids like a bolt from the blue.

What? If Daddy is telling us that Mommy is dead, then there truly is no hope left!

Sophia clenched her fists and slammed them repeatedly against Samuel’s chest with all her might.

“You liar! You promised us you would get Mommy home safely! How could you break your promise to us? Is it because we’re kids? Is that why you think you can just break your promise?” she shouted while wailing uncontrollably.

The other four, too, had their tears rolling down their cheeks.

Mommy is gone forever… We’ll never get to see our amazing mommy ever again…

Sophia was still hitting Samuel as she continued, “Give me back my mommy! I haven’t even spent a year with her! She hasn’t taught me medicine! Give her back, you liar!”

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