A Cue for Love chapter 1161

Chapter 1161 He Knew His Pain

The sharp look in Samuel’s eyes had vanished as they slowly began to lose focus. For what seemed like forever, he just stood there and stared blankly into space. It was as though nothing else in the world mattered to him anymore.

“How did this happen, Mr. Bowers? Ms. Nichols was just fine a few days ago, wasn’t she?” Emma sobbed. “Yeah, you’re right… She was just fine…” Samuel mumbled absent-mindedly.

His heart had died along with her, leaving him feeling empty and aimless all of a sudden. Unsure of what she could do to help, Emma could only stand there and wipe her tears in silence.

After taking some time to pull himself together, Samuel picked up Natalie’s “body” and carried it into his bedroom on the second floor.

The bedroom contained both of their belongings, all of which remained the way they were before.

Samuel then slowly unzipped the body bag and carried Natalie’s corpse out of it.

It had been quite some time since they retrieved her body from the mortuary fridge, and yet, it was still cold to the touch.

The coldness of her skin sent shivers down his spine, and his arms were trembling as he put her down on the bed. At that very moment, the tough front Samuel was trying to put up had broken, and his tears came flowing out uncontrollably.

I’m willing to go as far as sacrificing my life for her, and yet, she died while I’m still alive… Maybe I should join her in death… No, I can’t die just yet! Natalie’s death is too suspicious! There are tons of mysteries behind it that I need to uncover! I need to know why Dream was attacked and why Natalie committed suicide to escape punishment. Yandel says it’s pointless to investigate all of that because she’s already dead, but I don’t think I can bring myself to face her in death if I don’t!

Samuel retrieved Natalie’s favorite clothes from the closet and began removing her prison uniform.

After undoing all the buttons and slipping the clothes off her, Samuel felt as though his heart had stopped when he saw Natalie’s naked corpse lying before him.

A sharp pain tore through his chest, and he bit down on his lips so hard that they turned blue.

Oh, Natalie…

His tears flowed down his cheeks and fell upon her face.

Samuel then quickly put her clothes back into the closet and retrieved a set that she rarely wore.

He had just finished getting her into those clothes when someone banged aggressively on the bedroom door.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Samuel walked up to the door and opened it, only to see Jerome panting heavily as he tried to catch his breath.

Unlike his usual sharp appearance, he looked extremely disheveled, with his uniform all wrinkled up. His eyes were so dull that one could easily mistake him for a zombie.

“Where’s Natalie?” he asked anxiously after a long pause.

Jerome had yet to cry, but he had a look of overwhelming sadness in his eyes.

“She’s in there,” Samuel replied while pointing at the bed.

Jerome’s legs were shaky as he slowly made his way into the room and walked up to Natalie. It wasn’t until he reached her bed that his legs gave out from under him, and he knelt on the ground with a loud thud.

That was when his tears started flowing.

“I’m sorry… I’m so sorry… It’s my fault for being too weak to protect you. I knew about you being locked up in prison, and yet, I couldn’t do anything but watch… I thought my position in the military would allow me to protect you better, but it was completely useless!”

As Samuel was still standing there, Jerome knew the timing of his “confession” was a little inappropriate, but he couldn’t care less about it at that point.

The love of his life was dead, so there was no point in keeping his feelings hidden any longer.

Samuel’s lips moved slightly, but he didn’t say a single word in response.

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