A Cue for Love chapter 1160

Chapter 1160 Unfair

Nothing! There really isn’t anything! Samuel went down on a knee and continued searching the edge of the corpse’s face hoping to find a flaw.

However, the face of the body was impeccable, and no flaw could be found. Just like that, a graceful man like Samuel knelt in front of the mortuary fridge with reddened eyes while tears rolled down his cheeks.

“That’s impossible! This can’t possibly be her!” The officer couldn’t bring himself to watch the scene.

He thought Samuel was rational since the latter stopped Yandel from causing a scene. Seeing Samuel’s distraught look now, he finally understood the situation.

It wasn’t that Samuel didn’t love his wife but that he didn’t believe she was dead before seeing her corpse himself. “Mr. Bowers, I know you feel upset, but the dead can’t be resurrected.” The young officer sighed. “I’m sorry for your loss, but I’m sure Natalie wouldn’t want you to be in pain because of her,” he consoled.

However, his words fell on deaf ears. Samuel continued to stare at that familiar yet unfamiliar face.

Why isn’t your heart beating? Why are you ignoring me when I’m right in front of you? I was wrong! Terribly wrong! I shouldn’t have let you take the risk. Nat, you can do whatever you want to me as long as you’re alive. I’ll take any punishments you give me willingly. Please wake up. Stop joking around!


The young officer tried to console Samuel but was ignored. Thus, he couldn’t help but feel dejected.

Alas, men are bound to fall for a woman’s beauty. This man exudes an imposing aura, so he must have a high status. Seeing how he loses his demeanor and charisma for a dead lady, he is no different from any other ordinary man.

It was his duty to let Natalie’s family claim her body.

With no choice, the officer stood by Samuel’s side while the latter mourned.

After a long while, Samuel slowly stood up from the ground. Facing Natalie’s body, he said faintly, “Nat, I’ll take you home.”

He sounded gentle and affectionate, as though he was speaking to a living person.

Witnessing the scene, the officer didn’t think it was a frightening sight. Instead, it warmed his heart, yet he felt helpless.

I’m not sure if this lady trafficked psychotropic drugs in Loang, but it is a pity she lost her life just like that.

Samuel took Natalie’s body with him after completing the procedures.

After settling down Yandel, Billy met up with Samuel.

When he found out that Samuel decided to take Natalie’s body home, he was taken aback. “Mrs. Bowers has already passed away, Mr. Bowers. Her body was frozen in the mortuary fridge. If we bring her home now, I’m afraid that her body will—”

Decay even quickly.

Billy didn’t dare to continue what he intended to say.

He knew Natalie’s body was Samuel’s last hope and was scared Samuel would collapse in despair if her body decayed quickly. Billy could never imagine how Samuel would react.

“Mr. Bowers, I think it’s best if we bring Mrs. Bowers to the funeral home directly,” Billy said after plucking up enough courage.

“That’s enough.”

“Mr. Bowers—”

“Billy, what you are worried about will not happen.” With tears in his eyes, Samuel smiled wryly. “I’m not insane. I only want to take her home and get her a change of clothes.”

Billy’s expression turned grim as he nodded. Then, he sent Samuel and Natalie’s body home.

It was Emma who opened the door.

She covered her mouth in shock when she saw Samuel carrying something like a body bag in his arms.


Emma didn’t know what was inside, but she could vaguely guess what it was when she saw the shape of the body bag.

“It’s her.” Samuel had no intention of hiding the truth.

Having understood Samuel’s words, Emma could not conceal the pain on her face as she shed tears in grief. “How can this be? What has the world come to? This is unfair—”

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