A Cue for Love chapter 1159

Chapter 1159 Wretched

This man is terrifying! The young officer wiped the corner of his swollen mouth and said, “Yesterday, we had a routine interrogation. She couldn’t stand it and took her life out of guilt. This afternoon, she bit her tongue when the security was loose.”

She took her life out of guilt? “Impossible!” Samuel raised his deep gaze. Nat is a woman of dignity and will never run away from problems.

He had faith in Natalie. Thus, he was able to remain calm when Yandel was raging with fury. The reason was simple. It was because he never truly believed that Natalie was dead.

Perhaps, Natalie faked her death, or something unexpected happened. “Bring me to the morgue. I want to see my wife’s body,” Samuel said solemnly.

“Sure,” the officer replied. “I’ll take you to the morgue to identify her body once you go through the relevant procedures.” After a long while, Samuel finally completed the procedures.

Then, the officer led him to the morgue. The morgue wasn’t as dim as imagined, but it was chilly. Although the mortuary fridge for storing corpses had been sealed, they could still feel the bone-chilling cold.

The young officer rubbed his hands instinctively as he brought Samuel in front of the mortuary fridge with a “Natalie Nichols” name tag. “Mr. Bowers, your wife’s body is inside here. Why don’t we—”

Before he could finish speaking, Samuel said promptly, “Open it!”

The young officer faltered, “Well, her body was frozen, so it wouldn’t be nice to see. I’m afraid you will get saddened by the scene. I’m sorry for your loss.”

He thought Samuel would be dissuaded after hearing what he said. However, Samuel didn’t bother to lift his eyes as he repeated his words.

“Open it!”


“Can’t you hear me?” Samuel furrowed his brows and said coldly, “How many times must I repeat myself?”

The officer knew there was no talking him out of it, so he had no choice but to open the mortuary fridge. Then, he unzipped the body bag.

The sole of the feet was revealed first, then it slowly moved upward, disclosing the lower body, the upper body, and then the face of the body.

The frozen corpse was stiff and pale, and discoloration of skin had begun.

Seeing that, Samuel narrowed his eyes.

The officer muttered, “I told you a frozen corpse wouldn’t be nice to look at—”

Samuel’s gaze inched upward and finally fell on the body’s face.

It’s her!

Stretching out his arm, Samuel caressed the face of the frozen body.

There was no extra human skin to peel off, and only one human face was presented in front of him.

Is this really Nat?

Suddenly, Samuel felt his heart pounding hard.

At first, he suspected this wasn’t Natalie but a lady who wore a hyper-realistic mask. This might be Natalie’s plan to fake her death. However, there was no extra human skin on this face that could be torn off.

Bending down, Samuel wanted to be as near Natalie’s body as possible.

This is absurd! Nat will never end her life this way. It’s complete nonsense that she took her life out of guilt. She knew of the Leitz family’s conspiracy, and we agreed to face it together. She wouldn’t have possibly given up like this now that we are halfway through our plan.

He kept rubbing the jawline of the corpse, trying to find a flaw.

Desperate, he only wanted to find a tiny flaw to prove that this was an illusion and that Natalie was alive.

However, there was nothing.

Why isn’t there anything?

Suddenly, Samuel lost his domineering aura and arrogance and was wretched.

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