A Cue for Love chapter 1143

Chapter 1143 As Though I Am Useless

After ending the video call, Samuel went downstairs to see the table full of pastries. The kids were delighted at the sight of the pastries. They just finished dinner but were gobbling up the pastries excitedly.

Emma was busy wiping the crumbles off the kids’ lips. After finishing her share, Sophia didn’t forget to offer Emma one. “Mrs. Bunton, you should eat, too!”

The pastries were pretty expensive, so Emma thought she wasn’t in the place to enjoy them. She froze, not knowing whether she should accept the pastry from Sophia. Seeing her reaction, Sophia blinked in confusion and asked adorably, “Mrs. Bunton, why aren’t you eating? The pastries Mommy bought are delicious. Try it!”

As Emma didn’t take the pastry, the other children grew anxious. “Mrs. Bunton, try it!” “Join us, Mrs. Bunton.”

“It’s really yummy, Mrs. Bunton.” Emma grew tearful at how caring they were. She accepted the pastry from Sophia and placed it in her mouth, chewing on it slowly. “Oh, this is the best pastry I’ve ever had!”

Hearing that, Sophia arched a brow smugly. “I told you so, Mrs. Bunton. It’s really yummy!” When Xavian spotted Samuel coming down the stairs, he immediately called out, “Daddy, come here, quick! Mommy bought yummy pastries for us!”

Samuel came over to Xavian but didn’t take the pastry the latter offered. Instead, he parted his lips and asked, “Where is your mommy?” The pastries might look scrumptious, but they weren’t as appealing as Natalie.

“Mr. Bowers, Ms. Nichols is in the kitchen,” Emma informed. “Kitchen?”

Afraid that Samuel might misunderstand, Emma hastily said, “Mr. Bowers, I wanted to cook for her, but she refused to let me enter the kitchen. She said she can cook a bowl of noodles herself.”

“Okay. I’ll go take a look.” Inside the kitchen, Natalie had just placed the noodles in the pot and was stirring them with a fork silently. She had no idea Samuel was standing at the door leading to the kitchen.

Samuel leaned against the doorframe lazily. The tenderness and affection he had for her were evident on his handsome face. “What are you doing?” He broke the silence.

Caught off guard, Natalie stirred the noodles more violently, causing one drop of boiling water to splash onto the back of her hand. At once, she took a sharp intake of breath in pain.

Hearing that, Samuel hurried over to her and took her hand. He then blew on it instinctively. Natalie lowered her head to see Samuel holding her hand as he blew on the red spot at the back of her hand.

“Come here!” That obviously wasn’t enough. Samuel dragged her over to the sink. He turned the tap open and placed her hand under the running water. The water flowed on the back of her hand, and Samuel was standing behind her.

“Why are you so careless?” Samuel asked in his deep voice. “If you want to eat noodles, just let me know. I can cook them for you. Just sit down and wait for me to serve you.”

Despite getting chided, Natalie was touched by his gesture. Nevertheless, she couldn’t help but complain, “I can cook the noodles myself. You don’t have to do that for me. Why are you acting as though I’m useless?”

“You’re not useless.” Samuel stiffened. “Who dares to say you’re useless?”

Why do I feel more useless after hearing that?

After washing the spot Natalie scalded herself, Samuel said, “Go and wait outside. I’ll be done soon.”

As Samuel insisted on cooking noodles for her, Natalie didn’t press on and returned to the dining room to wait for him.

The kids were no longer in the dining room. They had returned to their rooms after finishing the pastries.

When Samuel finished cooking the noodles and came out, Natalie was the only one left in the dining room.

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