A Cue for Love chapter 1141

Chapter 1141 Do You Even Respect Me

It’s Natalie! Helma could recognize Natalie even if the latter had been reduced to ashes in a fire. Her face contorted as her entire being exuded hostility.

Sensing the change in Helma’s expression and seeing that she was silent, Geert followed her gaze and saw a photo sticking out of his file.

“Helma!” Geert was flustered. He thought he had kept the photo hidden. Alas, he was careless enough, and Helma had spotted it in plain sight.

“What is this?” Helma deftly pulled out the photo pinned beneath the file and waved it at Geert. “A photo of Natalie? Father, I have nothing but respect for you, but how could you keep a photo of this woman?”

Bastien’s betrayal had devastated her enough, so seeing Geert keeping Natalie’s photo was like rubbing salt in her wound.

“This woman seduced Bastien and made him cancel our engagement. I ended up becoming the laughingstock of the upper-class society.” Helma’s chest heaved in fury. “You’re my father! Instead of avenging me, you have her photo and harbor indecent thoughts about her! She’s successfully stolen Bastien’s heart, and now she’s seducing you!”

Geert’s expression was icy cold. “That’s not true.” The woman in the photo wasn’t Natalie but someone who resembled her.

If Helma were to observe it, she would realize it was a low-resolution photo. Although the photo paper was quite new, it was obvious that the photo was a restoration of an old photo.

However, Helma was drunk with rage and had lost her mind. She didn’t notice the details of the photo. Waving the photo in her hand, she sneered, “Not true? The photo is right here. How could you deny it?”

It was hard to keep the photo even though it was recently restored. If it was destroyed, he would never find another one.

Nevertheless, the photo was still useful. Natalie was a pawn that he could never give up. “Helma, give me back the photo,” Geert barked as he stretched out his hand.

Helma’s eyes turned wide as saucers. She couldn’t believe that the man she respected the most was yelling at her just to get Natalie’s photo back. “No way! Father, you’re no longer young. Why are you still thinking about her? Even if you want a woman, why does it have to be Natalie? She’s nothing but a vixen!”

Geert paid no heed to her words and stared at the photo she was holding. “I said, give me back the photo.” Disappointment overwhelmed Helma when she heard those words.

She started laughing as though she had just heard the world’s greatest joke. Standing before Geert, she didn’t bother returning the photo to him and ripped it into shreds instead.

“Father, since you yelled at me to get it back, I shall tear it apart!” Helma declared furiously as her eyes turned red. “I won’t let her make a fool out of you!”

Geert could only watch as the photo was ripped to shreds, with its remains fluttering to the ground. He almost burst a blood vessel.

I told Helma to give me back the photo, but she refused to listen! How could she do this to me?

Shaking in anger, Geert lifted his arm to give Helma a tight slap.

Helma gazed at him incredulously. “Father…”

Geert yelled, “How could you tear the photo? I told you several times to give it back to me. Why did you tear it? Do you even respect me as a father?”

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