A Cue for Love chapter 1140

Chapter 1140 One Casual Look

Natalie bit her lip and stared at Demi’s back. She pulled her phone out of her pocket to give Billy a call. When the call was answered, she went straight to the topic. “It’s me, Billy. I need your help.”

Hearing Natalie’s voice, Billy perked up and replied, “Go on, Mrs. Bowers.” Natalie looked up and told him calmly, “I need you to help me follow someone. She should be heading to the lab with my hair to run a DNA test. Don’t alert her. I just want to know who she’s comparing my DNA with and the lab results.”

“Who is it?” “Lady Cynthia’s maid, Demi.” Natalie paused before adding, “This concerns Loang’s royal family. I have yet to inform Samuel about this. It’s important, so if you need me to tell him—”

“It’s fine,” Billy cut in. “Mrs. Bowers, Mr. Bowers has said that we are to follow your orders like how we follow his orders without questioning anything. As subordinates, we only have to abide by orders and pledge our loyalty.”

They were talking on the phone, but Natalie felt warmth spread all over her heart. She said gratefully, “Thank you, Billy.” “It’s my job.”

After the call ended, Natalie couldn’t help but glance in the direction of the shop. Her gaze turned increasingly icy.

I suspect the friend Lady Cynthia mentioned is my birth mother, Jennie. Lady Cynthia was looking at me the same way Aunt Patricia looked at me. They might be looking at me, but they were actually reminiscing about someone else through my looks. Lady Cynthia mentioned her friend died in a fire over twenty years ago, but I was also supposed to die in the so-called “fire” six years ago. I’m alive and well. She took my hair when I wasn’t noticing to run a DNA test, so she wants to find out if I’m someone’s daughter. That’s a good thing because I don’t know who my birth father is. I may find out who he is through Lady Cynthia’s lead.

If her birth father was still alive, Natalie wanted to ask him why he had slept with Jennie but dumped her after that. In the end, Jennie had no choice but to marry a b*stard like Thomas.

If he was in love with Jennie, she wanted to know why he left her easily and never tried to look for her. There were too many questions to ask.

Natalie had a strong feeling that the secret behind her identity was about to be revealed soon. Meanwhile, Helma had something related to work to report to Geert. She knocked on the door and entered the room.

“Father.” Geert looked up and praised, “Helma, you’re far more capable at work than I initially expected. You did a good job these few days. I’m impressed by your achievements.”

Despite receiving her father’s praises, Helma didn’t seem excited. She handed the file she was holding to Geert. “Father, if you acknowledge my ability, why don’t you delegate more power to me? I believe I can show you more achievements that way.”

Geert pondered over the matter for a few moments and nodded solemnly. “Okay, Helma. I’ll give you the chance.”

“Thank you, Father.” Helma knew her last step to frame Natalie was complete after Geert agreed to delegate his power to her.

Helma had once dreamed of marrying Bastien, but it was impossible for them to get together now.

After getting her heart broken, Helma could only resort to this way to take revenge on Natalie. However, deep down, she still wished her father would support her. Helma gazed at Geert’s face as hesitation rose in her heart.

Should I tell Father about my plan?

She was caught in a dilemma.

When Helma was about to reveal her secret plan, she spotted a photo underneath her father’s file. Only half of the woman’s face could be seen.

It was none other than the person she despised thoroughly!

Helma only had to take one casual look to recognize the woman immediately.

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