A Cue for Love chapter 1139

Chapter 1139 Real Motive

Cynthia did it without arousing Natalie’s suspicion. Natalie met Cynthia’s eyes and flashed an unnatural smile. “Lady Cynthia, I may have to disappoint you. I don’t think I’m your friend’s daughter. My mom is dead, but she died a few years back instead of over twenty years ago.”

“I see.” Cynthia wasn’t expecting to hear that. However, Natalie’s words weren’t enough to quell her doubts. She wasn’t sure if Natalie was telling the truth. Besides, Natalie resembled that woman so much that she could be the latter’s daughter.

Those from the royal family were pretty good at putting on an act. Having spent years in Luna Palace, Cynthia was naturally a great actress. She retracted her hand nonchalantly and hide the hair strands between her fingers, all the while keeping a pleasant smile on her face.

“It’s fine. Even though you’re not my friend’s daughter, you look like her. That’s enough for me to feel close to you.” Cynthia then turned to her maid and ordered, “Tell Ximena to give half of the pastries she prepared to Natalie.”

“Understood.” Upon receiving her order, the maid turned and left the private room to do as told. “Lady Cynthia, you don’t have to do that.”

Cynthia beamed at her. “It was fate that brought us together. The sight of you brings me joy. I’d love to meet you here to have pastries and coffee together.”

Instead of getting all excited just like the other noblewoman, Natalie replied calmly, “If I have the time.” They then chatted for some time.

Glancing at her watch and realizing it was near evening, Natalie got to her feet and bade goodbye to Cynthia. “Goodbye, Lady Cynthia.”

“Demi, walk Natalie out.” The maid walked Natalie out of the shop and returned to the private room. She gave Cynthia a bow and reported, “Lady Cynthia, Ms. Nichols has already left.”

“Here.” Cynthia gave the hair strands she collected earlier to the maid. The smile on her lips had faded away. “Send these to the lab for a DNA test. Remember to keep this a secret. Even if His Majesty comes and asks you about this, tell him you don’t know anything.”

Knowing how important the matter was, Demi nodded nervously. “I will definitely keep this a secret, Lady Cynthia.”

“Good. Don’t let anyone see you.” Cynthia patted Demi’s hand. “Demi, I heard that your son got dispatched to the most dangerous peacekeeping forces. If you do a good job, the order for his new transfer will soon arrive.”

Upon learning that her son’s future and fate were involved, Demi immediately went on her knees. “Lady Cynthia, don’t you worry. I’ll get this done for sure!”

“Get up!” Cynthia flashed her a smile. “Go on now.”

Demi held Natalie’s two strands of hair and left the private room before hurrying out of the shop.

Cynthia sipped on her coffee and fell deep into thought.

The truth can be revealed with just one test. If she’s Mikhail’s daughter, then I won’t have to guess her identity anymore. In Loang, princes aren’t the only ones who can accede to a throne. A princess can also succeed to the throne if she is better than her fellow brothers. I wonder how Bastien will react when he discovers the woman he loves is his half-sibling. Ah, just thinking about it gives me the thrills!

Cynthia’s lips curled into a delightful smirk.

Outside, Demi gripped the strands of hair silently. With her son’s future in her mind, she quickened her pace, not noticing that someone was watching her.

They had met previously, but Demi was in a hurry and didn’t notice who it was.

Natalie only came out from her hiding spot at the corner when Demi walked far away. I knew it. Asking me out for afternoon tea is just a ruse. Lady Cynthia’s real motive is to touch my head and get my hair!

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