A Cue for Love chapter 1138

Chapter 1138 Two Strands Of Hair

Cynthia was too welcoming. Natalie couldn’t reject her invitation and sat down beside her. Noticing that Natalie seemed uncomfortable, Cynthia changed the topic to ease her discomfort. “The pastries here are made by a pastry chef who used to work at Luna Palace and now has her own shop. You bought a lot, I see. Do you like them?”

“Yes, I quite like them.” Natalie nodded. “If you do, I can ask her to make some that aren’t for sale for you to try.” Natalie did not know Cynthia would be this nice. She was pleasantly flattered. “Lady Cynthia, you don’t have to do that. I don’t want to trouble you.”

“Oh, it’s nothing much.” Cynthia chuckled. “I like you, so it isn’t troublesome at all.” Like? Natalie said nothing, but she wasn’t sure if Cynthia was telling the truth or not.

I only met her briefly once at the royal dinner where I rejected Bastien in public. That was humiliating to the royal family, so it seemed strange for her to like me. Perhaps she isn’t Bastien’s birth mother, so she was inwardly pleased to see me upset Bastien and Lady Frieda, and that is why she likes me.

Noting the frown on Natalie’s face, Cynthia quickly added, “Natalie, you don’t have to put your guard up. As you might’ve guessed, the three of us act all harmonious in front of His Majesty, but we’re actually not on good terms in private. It’s normal for Frieda to hate you after you rejected marrying her son before His Majesty. We’re on good terms, so…”

Natalie glanced at Cynthia. Wow, I can’t believe she’s this straightforward.

“Besides, I like you because you resemble an old friend of mine,” Cynthia went on without waiting for her to reply. “I last met this friend over twenty years ago, but you remind me of her. I can’t help but think of you as her.”

“She resembles me?” Natalie asked in surprise. “Yes, she does,” Cynthia said thoughtfully. “To be honest, I keep thinking of you as the daughter of that friend. Otherwise, how could you resemble her that much?”

Natalie felt her heart leap to her throat. A friend? Could she be talking about my mother Jennie?

Natalie had seen Jennie’s photo when the latter was young. She looked like the younger version of her mother. Even Patricia would often stare at her face after her mother’s death. Natalie knew Patricia was missing her mother instead of just spacing out.

Despite her shock, she pretended to be curious and asked, “Lady Cynthia, how did you lose contact with this friend? Over twenty years is a long time. Haven’t you tried finding her?”

Cynthia was stunned. She hadn’t expected Natalie to sound her out instead. Hmm, she seems curious as though she wants to know about the woman who bears an uncanny resemblance to her.

Seeing that Cynthia seemed lost in her thoughts, Natalie called out, “Lady Cynthia?” “Hmm?” Cynthia snapped out of her reverie upon hearing Natalie’s voice.

“Did I ask something that I shouldn’t have?” Natalie put on a remorseful expression.

“No, of course not.” Cynthia sipped on her coffee to cover her awkwardness. Flashing a gentle smile, she revealed, “My friend was a gorgeous lady. Alas, she didn’t get to live long and died in a fire over twenty years ago.”

As she spoke, she raised her hand and placed it on Natalie’s head naturally. She stroked Natalie’s head a few times like an elder who was concerned for her junior.

“It will be great if you’re my friend’s daughter,” Cynthia remarked as she secretly pulled off two strands of Natalie’s hair.

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