A Cue for Love chapter 1137

Chapter 1137 More Dazzling

In the shop, Natalie was dazzled by the wide selection of exquisite pastries in the glass cabinet. The pastries had cute designs of animals, and they could easily make one salivate. Natalie had only wanted to buy for her daughters. In the end, she bought enough for all five of her children. Xavian, Clayton, and Franklin are so lucky!

Natalie was over the moon as she watched the server pack all the pastries. Right after Natalie gave her card to the server to make the payment, a lady dressed in a black-and-white uniform stood in front of Natalie and stopped the server from receiving payment from Natalie. The lady then said, “Wait. Don’t receive payment from Ms. Nichols. Just put the bill on Her Ladyship’s tab.”

Upon hearing that, the server instantly gave the card back to Natalie. Natalie frowned, confused. Her Ladyship? Who’s that? Not only do they want to pay for me, but they also know my name. Whoever she is, I bet she knows me well. However, the only person I can think of is Jerome’s mother, Patricia. She’s the only person I know in Yaleview who’s addressed so.

Natalie thought about it for a while, but she was still clueless. “Her Ladyship? Who might that be?” she asked straightforwardly.

“I can’t say Her Ladyship’s name out loud. However, she’s keen to see you.” The maid took a step backward and gestured for Natalie to follow her. “She’s in one of the private rooms. I’ll take you there.”

Natalie was intrigued, but she also grew wary. She quickly switched on the tracking function on her phone. The situation in Loang is rather scary recently. I must be cautious.

“Sure!” Natalie beamed although she had already taken precautions discreetly. Soon, under the maid’s guidance, Natalie arrived in an elegantly decorated private room.

A middle-aged woman dressed in branded clothing was seen sitting inside the private room. Despite the wrinkles on the woman’s face, she exuded an elegant aura that made her look as if age would never catch up to her.

Natalie sized the woman up, and she soon recalled something. I think I saw her at Bastien’s birthday banquet. She was with His Majesty. She should be one of His Majesty’s three wives. Since Bastien’s biological mother is Lady Frieda, the woman before me is probably Lady Cynthia or Lady Diane. According to rumors, Cynthia was the first to accompany His Majesty, so she’s the oldest of those three wives. Well, I guess this woman is Lady Cynthia.

At the same time, Cynthia was scrutinizing Natalie’s facial features. The similarity is uncanny! No wonder Mikhail was stumped when he saw her. Even Bastien was attracted to this lady. After the banquet at the palace, he sent Frieda somewhere far away from Yaleview. According to him, Frieda needed to improve her health. As far as others are concerned, including Shirley, they would think that the banquet was merely an unpleasant interlude. In fact, all the incidents that happened afterward had nothing to do with each other. However, those incidents are actually all connected, and what happened was inevitable! Natalie is the key to everything. Furthermore, this lady’s background is rather fascinating. Today I have the chance to test out all the theories I have in my mind.

A long while later, Cynthia finally broke the silence by smiling and saying, “I think addressing you as Ms. Nichols is too formal. May I address you as Natalie?”

Hearing that, Natalie couldn’t possibly reject the suggestion. In a polite tone, she answered, “I don’t mind that, Lady Cynthia. You may address me anyhow you like.”

Cynthia smiled in response. This lady is even more dazzling than her late mother.

“You may disregard the formalities.” Cynthia motioned for Natalie to take a seat next to her. “Natalie, aren’t you tired of standing? Come over and take a seat next to me.”

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