A Cue for Love chapter 1136

Chapter 1136 A Chance Encounter

Natalie let out a sneeze. “What’s the matter?” Samuel asked in a deep voice. “Did you catch a cold?” Natalie sniffled and ignored Samuel. I don’t know if I caught a cold, but if I did, it’s all Samuel’s fault! Last night, I was watching the full moon on the balcony. Just a while after I went out, I suddenly caught a whiff of his musky and masculine scent coming from behind.

After that, he lunged at me and kissed me domineeringly instead of gently. He was so rough that I couldn’t help but shudder. Could this be an after-effect of returning from the mountains? Ever since Mr. Yablon got rid of the toxins in his body, he’s been craving me more than ever. I didn’t even get to go back to the bedroom last night. I was naked on the balcony as I endured the night breeze. How can I not catch a cold?

Seeing that Natalie merely sniffled and kept mum, Samuel frowned slightly and said, “I’ll try to suppress my desire after this!”

“Okay,” Natalie answered him nonchalantly. I can’t expect him to keep his word. When it comes to anything but sex, he’s a man of his word. In bed, however, he’ll most probably let his desires get the better of him. He’s not going to remember what he said! That’s something he’ll never be able to change! Perhaps that’s just what men are like regardless of how successful or sentimental they are.

After getting out of bed, Natalie had breakfast with the kids and went to Dream to work as usual. When Natalie arrived at the office and saw Yandel, she couldn’t help but let out a few coughs.

Still feeling awkward, Yandel knew things could get worse if he were to keep his head lowered and do his job. However, looking up at the ceiling wasn’t going to do either. In the end, he had no choice but to assign himself to do something for Natalie. “Boss, please carry on. I’ll make you a cup of coffee…”

With that, Yandel left immediately. Natalie felt less embarrassed after Yandel left. She rubbed her nose and went into her office to start a busy day of work.

Shortly after, Yandel brought a cup of coffee and a variety of pastries into the office for Natalie.

Natalie was too busy to eat, so she only ate the food during her break. After taking a few mouthfuls, she was amazed by how good the food tasted. This is so good! The balance between savory and sweet is spot on! I can keep eating these all day long.

By the time Natalie finished her work, she had eaten all the pastries Yandel had bought for her. When Natalie was bringing the empty plate out of her office, she bumped into Yandel.

“You finished all of it, Boss?” Yandel was slightly stunned. Although Natalie loved food, she wasn’t known to be greedy. “Yes.” Natalie nodded. “It was delicious! Where did you buy them? I would like to buy some for my daughters.”

“Let me,” Yandel answered. “It’s okay. Just give me the address,” Natalie insisted. Seeing how resolute Natalie was, Yandel gave in and said, “I’ll text you the address.”

“Sure.” Natalie completed her remaining tasks and left the office for the pastry shop.

The shop that sold the pastries was one of the premium shops in Yaleview. Despite not having restrictions on customers with lower incomes, the people who frequented there were all wealthy. That was because the prices of the pastries were exorbitant.

Meanwhile, Cynthia and her maids were having afternoon tea in the shop. When one of her maids went out to get a refill, she left the door partially open.

That was when Cynthia spotted Natalie standing in front of a glass display cabinet. At that moment, Natalie was choosing her pastries.

Cynthia couldn’t help but turn pale in shock. It’s as if I’m looking at that woman from so many years ago! Wait… That woman is no longer around. That has to be Natalie. W-Why is she here?

She held her cup tightly and smiled. Interesting…

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