A Cue for Love chapter 1135

Chapter 1135 Blissful

Yandel finally regained his senses and lowered his head. “I saw nothing! Carry on! Carry on!” He turned around and left in a hurry. No! There goes Yandel’s impression of me! Natalie was still holding Samuel’s arm when she glared at him. “Samuel, I want to die!”

Samuel held her chin and scolded, “Die? Don’t you dare say such nonsense again! You’re now my wife. There’s nothing wrong with kissing you.”

His gaze was solemn and cold. When Natalie saw that, she realized how angry Samuel was. “I was just expressing my feelings!”

“Still! You can’t say that word!” Samuel said domineeringly. “Isn’t that inevitable for everyone? It’s just—” Samuel put his hand over her mouth to stop her from talking. “No!”

Right then, Natalie could feel how much Samuel cared about her. I never knew Samuel doesn’t take jokes like this. Although I wasn’t wrong when I said it was an inevitable end for everyone, Samuel loves me so much that he doesn’t even allow me to mention death out loud.

“Mmph! Your h-hand is covering my mouth… I-I can’t talk…”

“Are you still going to say that word?” It was rare to see Samuel being so harsh with Natalie. “No… No…” Natalie shook her head.

Only then did Samuel retract his hand. He held her hand gently and said, “Come. Let’s go home.” Samuel’s palm had calluses, but she felt an inexplicable sense of peace when she held his hand.

Their fingers intertwined, and Natalie’s heart was filled with joy. When you meet the right person, even the most insignificant gestures can be so blissful.

Meanwhile, at the Leitz residence, Helma was removing her earrings. Heidi approached Helma and asked, “Helma, did that b*tch, Natalie, take the bait?”

“Yes.” Helma maintained a straight face. “However, she’s an extraordinary woman. I’ve already heard about what she did in Chanaea before she came to Loang. She established Dream Corporation and reclaimed her father’s company effortlessly. After that, she forced her biological father, stepmother, biological sister, and stepsister to their graves. Although she has blood on her hands, she somehow escaped all sorts of punishment!”

Heidi knew Natalie was definitely not someone to be trifled with. However, she still couldn’t help but feel flustered when she heard what Helma said. Is Natalie really so capable?

“Helma, should we expose the information that you’ve discovered?” Heidi asked tentatively. “Should we get netizens and ghostwriters to go after her?” “That’s so lame.”

“Huh?” Helma rolled her eyes at Heidi and said, “Do you think Natalie would be bothered by having a bad reputation? Besides, if you employ ghostwriters, will you be able to not let Natalie catch you? Why should we go through so much trouble to only hurt her a little? Don’t you find that lame?”

Heidi had nothing to defend herself with. “Helma, that b*tch embarrassed you at the banquet and humiliated the Leitz family. I can’t take it!” Heidi grumbled with a pout.

“What’s the hurry?” Helma kept her earrings in her jewelry box and drawled, “Her time is running out, so what’s the point in messing around? We should utterly destroy her with one move! I’ll make sure not even Bastien can save her for what she has done!”

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