A Cue for Love chapter 1134

Chapter 1134 Keep Staring

Yandel felt a lot calmer upon hearing what Natalie said. “Have you guessed it as well, Boss?” Yandel asked. “It’s not that. I just feel that we should let some things go with the flow. Regardless of whether it would turn out good or bad, we’ll only find out as we go forward.” Natalie frowned. “Of course, your reminder makes sense. We don’t know the exact reasons Helma looked for us for a collaboration. We should be cautious from now on.”

“Okay! Since you’ve already made your decision, I’ll do everything you tell me to, Boss!” Yandel answered, beating his chest. “Okay.” Natalie stayed back to continue working.

She had full confidence in Yandel’s loyalty. However, during the time she had stayed home to recuperate, she had burdened Yandel and Lia with too much work. She planned to pick up where she left off with Dream.

Natalie had so much to deal with that she ended up staying in the office until eleven at night. Upon finishing the last document she was working on, she realized it was already dark outside. It’s already so late? I forgot to inform the others at home!

Natalie got up from her chair and picked up her phone to ring Samuel. The moment she did that, the doorbell at her office rang. What’s going on?

Without hanging up the phone, Natalie immediately went to open the door, only to see Samuel leaning against the wall outside her office. His gaze was as alluring as ever.

Natalie’s eyes lit up slightly when she asked, “W-What are you doing here?”

Samuel smoothed her hair and answered, “I was waiting for you to come home, but I ran out of patience, so I came here to wait for you. Fortunately, you’re still here!”

Natalie smiled gleefully when she heard that. “Why didn’t you tell me you were here? Why did you wait outside? Aren’t you bored?”

“A little…” Samuel reached out to pull Natalie in. While caressing her back, he continued in his hoarse voice, “But I forgot all about it the moment I saw you.”

What… He’s such a flirt! Natalie’s heart was filled with emotions. She lifted her head to meet his gaze and said, “What did you have for dinner? Why are your words so sweet?” She smiled and grabbed his collar to pull him closer.

Samuel stared into her eyes and uttered in his seductive voice, “Should I have a taste of you? That way, I might sound even sweeter.”


Before Natalie could finish her sentence, Samuel had already leaned in to kiss her on her lips. Of course, the kiss started out light, but as they went on, the kiss became a passionate one.

Since it was late at night, the office was rather dark.

With certain senses weakened, physical stimulation and the sense of pleasure were heightened.

At that moment, heavy breathing sounds and the sounds of their tongues interlocking filled the room.

The sounds were continuous, and the ambiguous atmosphere could easily make one blush.

Suddenly, someone said, “Samuel, are you really not going to tell Boss you’re here? She’s a busy woman, you know? If you don’t tell her, s-she…”

Yandel was there to urge Samuel to let Natalie know he had been waiting for her. However, he ran into Samuel pressing Natalie up against the wall and kissing her passionately.

Yandel was utterly stunned. He was so stupefied that he froze on the spot and kept stuttering.

Natalie was disheartened when she saw Yandel staring at her. Yandel is my subordinate, and this is an office! How could I let him see such an embarrassing scene? What should I do?

Samuel quickly pulled Natalie’s limp body inward and stood in front of her. While using his own body to shield her from Yandel’s gaze, he growled, “Yandel! Are you going to just keep staring?”

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