A Cue for Love chapter 1133

Chapter 1133 New Business Collaboration

Natalie was momentarily stunned when she heard that. She had assumed that Helma was there either to stir up trouble or complain, but to her surprise, the woman was there to talk business. “Are you scared?” Helma sneered.

“Nope.” Natalie tightened her grip around her coffee mug and said calmly, “Dream Corporation will never reject any profitable business opportunities. Besides, fear is not an emotion I would usually feel…”

Helma met Natalie’s gaze and replied, “I heard that Dream Jewelry has been procuring raw materials from the Stone family all along. I have ways to obtain raw materials that are of better quality than what Amos has. If we collaborate, you would no longer have to submit to the Stone family’s every whim.”

“Ms. Helma, that sounds like a good deal for Dream Corporation…” Natalie still had doubts about Helma’s intentions. “But what would you get out of it? It seems like Dream Corporation will benefit more from this than the Leitz family will.”

Helma, who had just lifted her cup to take a sip of coffee, froze. Natalie’s response was exactly as she had expected.

Natalie was not a gullible person, and she would not easily believe anything that seemed too good to be true.

However, Helma was already prepared for that. With a smile on her face, she said, “Natalie, I was indeed pretty upset about what happened at the banquet as you had made me look like a fool. Nevertheless, what happened has already happened. There’s no going back for Prince Jonathan and me. Whether I want it or not, moving on is my only choice. Other than being related to the royal family, our Leitz family has been exploring some business opportunities. The Stone family amassed their fortune by mining rough stones, and our family is keen on having a slice of the same pie. It’s extremely difficult for ordinary businesses to obtain mining rights, but that isn’t the case for the Leitz family. In fact, we have already obtained the rights. All we need now is an anchor client who can supply us with a steady stream of business, and Dream Jewelry was the first company that came to my mind.”

Natalie blinked a few times while she scrutinized Helma’s expression.

At the same time, Helma was also sizing her up.

Finally, Natalie extended her hand and said graciously, “Ms. Helma, I hope we’ll have a fruitful collaboration.”

“I’m looking forward to that.”

After Helma left, Natalie went to look for Yandel.

“Yandel, did Helma create any trouble for you when I was not around?” Natalie knew Yandel well. Yandel understood that Natalie had been focusing on her recovery, and he wanted her to enjoy her vacation time with Samuel. As such, even if he was facing pressure at work, it was unlikely that he would let her know.

Yandel shook his head and replied, “I’m fine. I have already become desensitized to certain things after so long.”

“Thank you, Yandel.”

“Boss, you’re being too polite toward me again!” Yandel said, frowning. “I’m just doing what I’m supposed to do. If you continue acting this way, I will get angry!”

Natalie and Yandel had gone through a lot together. After the man’s reminder, Natalie stopped being so sentimental.

After that, Natalie told Yandel about their new business collaboration with Helma.

Yandel said, “Boss, the Leitz family and you are practically enemies. Don’t you think this business opportunity could be a trap?”

“Helma’s proposal did make sense. On the surface, there seem to be no issues.” Natalie rested her chin on one hand and continued, “She gave us a good deal. What they can offer is indeed much better than what we are getting from the Stone family right now. If we reject them without a good reason, others who get to know about it will think that Dream is putting on airs. Besides, we might also end up offending our current business partners who are on good terms with the Leitz family.”

“Boss, I still think that Helma wouldn’t be so kind to us,” Yandel said hesitantly.

“Well, if we reject her this time, she will just try again,” Natalie replied. “Yandel, we can take this opportunity to see what they are up to. If it is really a trap, even if we had turned her down, the Leitz family would still think of other ways to set me up.”

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