A Cue for Love chapter 1131

Chapter 1131 Insignificant

Samuel had been pampering Natalie ever since he returned. The woman started her vacation after handing over her work at Dream Corporation to Yandel and had been spending all her time with Samuel.

With Samuel taking care of everything for her, all Natalie did was read, practice calligraphy, and keep her kids company at home. A few days into her vacation, Natalie did step out of her house, but it was to attend Varre’s funeral.

It was a simple funeral, and the only people who attended were Anna and Varre’s apprentices. Natalie bowed respectfully at Varre’s photo when she arrived.

Even though she was already aware that Varre did not have long to live when they were at the monastery, it had only been slightly more than ten days when Varre completed the replica of the jade key for her. She could hardly believe that they were already separated by life and death.

If Varre had not spent his last days helping her despite suffering from end-stage cancer, there was no way she could have deceived Zophie and the others so easily.

“Thank you…” Natalie said softly while she placed the flowers she had brought along with her next to Varre’s photo.

After that, Natalie saw Anna, who was leading the ceremony. As a family member, she was dressed in a mourning outfit and had a white flower in her hair. The woman had a sorrowful expression on her face, and her eyes were swollen from crying

“Anna, I’m so sorry for your loss. Take care.”

“I will.” Anna nodded appreciatively.

During the funeral, Varre’s apprentices prayed for him in unison, their quiet prayers echoing in the air.

When Natalie was about to leave after the ceremony ended, Anna caught up with her and stopped her, “Natalie, wait…”


“Let’s talk elsewhere.”


Anna and Natalie left the funeral venue and headed to a nearby coffee shop.

Natalie looked at Anna and said, “Anna, take your time to settle your father’s affairs, and don’t worry about work for the time being.”

“Okay.” Anna held Natalie’s hand tightly. Tears had already welled up in her eyes as she said with a smile, “Thank you… What should I do? It seems like I’m becoming more and more indebted to you. After you left, my father and I had a long chat, and he told me the real reason for my mother’s death. I also learned that my father had tried his best, but despite his efforts, he had still failed, resulting in my mother’s tragic demise. My father did not want to talk about the incident as he knew how badly I was affected by it. Besides, because I kept rejecting him, we did not have a chance to resolve our misunderstanding until right before he died… Come to think of it, if you had not told me the truth, I would have left with you after getting the jade key. If that were the case, not only would I not have found out what really happened, but I would have also missed out on the precious moments I spent with my father before he passed away.”

Natalie merely gazed at Anna, not knowing what she could say to comfort her.

Even though Anna got to spend time with Varre during the last days of his life, it was barely enough for the woman.

“Sorry. Your father’s cancer was too advanced…” Natalie cast her eyes down and sighed helplessly before continuing, “Anna, there was really nothing I could have done…”

Anna grabbed Natalie’s hand and said in a gentle voice, “Natalie, please don’t say that! Some things are just predestined. Besides, it was because of you that my father and I got to spend a few days together. We are very grateful to you for that. We spoke about my childhood and my kid. I even managed to introduce Kyle to my father. Even though he was already very weak, he was still smiling from ear to ear. Before he passed away, he told me that he had no more regrets and asked me to thank you for that. However, at the same time, he wanted me to remind you that the jade key has brought nothing but trouble. He trusted that you would be able to handle it well, but he still wanted you to be careful.”

Natalie felt rather emotional when she heard Varre’s last words for her.

Blaze’s leader and Bastien from the royal family were both after the key. Perhaps, there were others who were trying to get their hands on it as well.

All the information that was currently present pointed to the fact that there was something unusual about the jade key. There was most likely some treasure stored in the secret room that the key was supposed to open.

Natalie squeezed Anna’s hand and said, “Anna, I will remember your father’s reminder and be careful.”


After leaving Varre’s funeral, Natalie made a trip to Dream Corporation.

The moment she reached the office, she spotted a familiar face. A pretty lady was in the midst of a conversation with Yandel.

“Mr. Moss, I didn’t get to meet either Muse or Ms. Nichols…” Helma said, crossing her arms in front of her chest. Despite looking elegant and gentle, the woman said in a demanding tone, “I’ve been here twice, and both times, I only got to meet you. Mr. Moss, is a client like me too insignificant for Ms. Nichols to grant me a meeting?”

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