A Cue for Love chapter 1129

Chapter 1129 Smooth Sailing

Hearing that, Yumi looked up abruptly and gazed at Natalie in disbelief. “B-But I saw you give the jade key to that terrible woman.” Yumi realized she might’ve structured her sentence in a way that Natalie might misunderstand that she was blaming her, so she swiftly explained, “Mommy, that’s not what I meant.

I-I know you had no choice but to give the jade key to that person because you wanted to save me. Ultimately, everything happened because of my incompetence. I was too young and incapable of protecting my mother, aunts, and you, my mommy. If I had been able to fend for myself back then, you wouldn’t have had to risk losing your life to rescue me.” Yumi sobbed and wept uncontrollably as she spoke.

She had been keeping up a tough pretense whenever she was around Franklin, Sophia, Xavian, and Clayton, always acting as if she was fine and everything was well. She could only behave like an ordinary child when she was with Natalie, being able to cry and disclose all the pent-up troubles in her heart.

Natalie gently patted Yumi’s back, allowing the little girl to cry to her heart’s content. This child is carrying too much burden at such a young age. She’s so mature and thoughtful that my heart aches for her.

After crying for a long while, Yumi slumped against Natalie’s shoulder in exhaustion. “Yumi, I didn’t give the jade key to that woman,” Natalie said tenderly.

“How is that possible?” Yumi stared at Natalie with tear-stained eyes. “Mommy, I saw you handing the jade key to that woman.” “That key was a replica.”

“What?” “The jade key you saw was a fake. I asked someone to make a copy according to the real genuine jade key. This jade key is very significant to you and your family, so I will never hand it over to someone else without your permission. When you gave me the jade key in the past, I mentioned I would only help you keep it temporarily. When you’re older and have the ability to protect yourself and the key, I’ll return it to you.”

Exhilaration and astonishment rose within Yumi’s chest after she listened to Natalie’s speech.

She was thrilled because the jade key didn’t fall into the hands of evil people, and she was astounded because of the love and care Natalie had shown her.

She and Natalie weren’t related by blood, but all the latter had done for her had deeply touched her.

Yumi was at a loss for words. In the end, she hugged Natalie while crying and laughing at the same time. “Mommy, thank you! Thank you so much! Thank you for saving me and helping me to secure the belonging my mother left behind for me. I will be good and grow up well. When I become powerful in the future, I’ll protect and take care of you like how you treat me now.”

Sensing Yumi’s sincerity, Natalie beamed at her and nodded. “Sure. I’ll wait for the day to arrive.”


Meanwhile, Bastien exited the royal mausoleum with a gash on his arm.

Seeing Bastien’s arm that was covered in blood, Joseph hastily strode forward. “Why are you hurt?”

Ashen-faced, Bastien gripped his right arm, which was spewing out dark color blood, and uttered in an undertone, “Don’t ask so many questions. I can’t hold on any longer. Hurry up and summon the royal physician over to treat my injury.”

With that, he passed out on the spot.

Joseph furrowed his brows. Not daring to dawdle, he quickly carried Bastien on his back and brought him to the temporary imperial residence nearby the royal mausoleum to get some rest.

After the royal physician came to detoxify and bandage Bastien’s wound, he couldn’t help but say with lingering fear in his chest, “Commander Wesley, luckily Prince Jonathan was able to receive immediate treatment. Otherwise, not only might his arm be crippled, but he might also lose his life.”

Upon hearing that, Joseph shifted his gaze to the unconscious Bastien in bafflement. Prince Jonathan went into the royal mausoleum with the jade key. The journey should have been smooth sailing, so why did he come out of that place with such a grave injury?

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