A Cue for Love chapter 1128

Chapter 1128 Background Of Yumi

After letting go of Natalie, Samuel returned to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. A short while later, he magically served a table full of food.

Although it was only the first meal of the day, he prepared a wide selection of dishes, and all the food looked delicious and smelled wonderful. Even Emma couldn’t help but give him a heartfelt thumbs-up.

The five kids were elated to see their lavish breakfast. Not only did they get to enjoy a scrumptious meal, but they also had their father and mother to keep them company. That blissful moment was indeed a luxury beyond words.

The five children consumed their food at a faster rate than usual. Even Natalie had her head lowered and seemed to be inhaling her food.

Emma’s culinary skills were actually not bad, but Natalie had grown accustomed to Samuel’s cooking. When he wasn’t around, she dearly missed the food that he made. Now that she could indulge in his cuisines again, she had to eat her fill. After they finished their meal, Emma cleared the table.

Since Zophie kidnaped Yumi, the kids had stopped attending their classes at the kindergarten. Natalie and Samuel had hired reliable tutors to give them lessons at home instead. Upon finishing their breakfast, the children went to the study on the second floor to wait for the arrival of their tutors.

At that moment, Natalie halted Yumi. “Yumi…” “Mommy?” The little girl turned around and regarded Natalie with her large, gleaming eyes.

“Yumi, I need to talk to you.” Natalie walked up to Yumi and crouched down so that their lines of vision were leveled. “Why don’t you accompany me to the garden? I think the lotus flowers in the garden should be blooming around this time of the year.”

Sensing Natalie’s desire to speak to Yumi alone, Samuel said to the other four kids, “Follow me upstairs, all of you. Let’s have a chat. I want to know your study progress when I wasn’t around.”

The four kids were intelligent and perceptive. They figured Natalie must have something important to talk to Yumi, so they followed their father upstairs with alacrity.

Moments later, Natalie and Yumi arrived at the backyard garden.

Two white lotus flowers blossomed in the pond in the backyard, with glistening dew rolling off the green lotus leaves.

“Mommy, I have a lot of things to tell you.” Now that she was alone with Natalie, Yumi abandoned all hesitation and took the initiative to speak. “Mommy, you nearly lost your life to rescue me this time. But I… I actually still have a lot of secrets I haven’t let you know. If I had come clean to you earlier, perhaps those bad guys wouldn’t have hurt you.”

Yumi was caught in a dilemma previously about whether she should divulge her background to Natalie, as she feared the latter would ditch her because of how dangerous she was.

However, things changed after she witnessed the way Natalie had risked her life to save her.

Mommy truly loves me, just like she loves Franklin, Sophia, Xavian, and Clayton. For this reason, I must tell Mommy everything I know.

In fact, Natalie had already guessed Yumi’s background for the most part. Still, she didn’t interrupt the little girl and listened quietly to her account of her secret.

“My family name is Jankovich, and Yumi is not my real name. My real name is Xandra Jankovich. My father died before I was born, so I only have my mother to keep me company. Since I was little, I followed my mother and two aunts to guard the mausoleum. In the past, many men wanted to open the royal mausoleum, but all of them died, falling into the traps within. If someone wishes to avoid the traps, they must acquire the jade key belonging to the Jankovich family. We don’t have to stay beside the royal mausoleum because what we guard is not the place itself but this jade key. Mother said there are heroic souls and heaps of treasure inside the royal mausoleum, so we cannot give the jade key to bad people. Otherwise, a lot of people will bleed and die. One day, a few nasty men in black barged into my home, captured my mother, and killed her.”

Yumi’s eyes reddened at that point as tears streamed down her cheeks.

“My aunts covered my mouth and brought me on a desperate run. We escaped from Loang to Chanaea. To protect me, my aunts were also killed by those bad people. In the end, I became an unwanted orphan and was sent to the orphanage. My mother and aunts died to safeguard me, yet I failed to preserve what they passed down to me.”

Even though Yumi had experienced plenty of hardships and was more mature and sensible than her peers, she was undoubtedly still a child. She couldn’t help but cry her eyes out.

The little girl didn’t understand a thing about the treasure.

She only knew that all the people she loved the most had permanently left her one after the other because of the jade key.

“Yumi, who said you haven’t protected the thing they handed to you well?” Natalie wiped the tears off the corner of Yumi’s eyes. “You’ve tried very hard to protect the jade key this entire time, and you’ve done a splendid job thus far!”

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