A Cue for Love chapter 1127

Chapter 1127 Like You More

Samuel was so domineering that he didn’t allow Natalie to rebuff him. Before she could even react to the situation properly, she had already been placed on the couch by him. “You…” Gently biting her lip, she spoke softly as shyness reflected in her eyes. “Emma’s still here, you know…”

“It doesn’t matter if she’s around or not. You only have yourself to blame for running around barefooted after waking up.” Samuel placed her clean, fair feet on his thick and firm thighs. Glancing at her, he lectured, “If you feel embarrassed, that’s a good thing because this means you’ll remember not to repeat the same mistake!”

Natalie was speechless. What do I do? Why do I feel like I’m a child being taught a lesson? When she heard a soft chuckle coming from behind her, she turned around and saw Emma covering her mouth while watching the couple. “Emma, I—”

“No need to explain, Ms. Nichols. I know what’s going on. You’re just having a romantic moment with Mr. Bowers. Your slippers should still be upstairs. I’ll bring them down for you right away,” Emma replied with a grin.

Natalie was bereft of speech. Emma shifted her line of sight from Natalie’s blushing face and headed upstairs to retrieve the younger woman’s slippers. Natalie shot a glare at Samuel coyly. “It’s your fault that Emma misunderstood me!”

“Misunderstood what?” His warm, coarse palm gently rubbed between her feet as he flashed her a half-smile. “Emma’s right. We are having a romantic moment as a married couple.”

“You—” She was momentarily rendered speechless by his words. “Why do I feel like you’ve gotten better at flirting after returning from the mountains?”

“Because, when I was tip-toeing on the edge of life and death…” Samuel stared at Natalie deeply. “I was thinking about the things I regretted in my life. I thought about many things, but, in the end, the thing I regretted the most was being unable to dote on you and make you happy. Thankfully, the heavens gave me another chance. So, of course I’m going to treasure our time even more and use all I have to dote on you.”

His sweet words warmed her heart.

“Was it because you were afraid I would leave without saying anything again that you forgot to put on your slippers before you ran to my side?” he inquired in a deep, hoarse voice.

She nodded. “Idiot.” He sighed. “I told you, I’m really not lying this time. The poison in my body is completely gone. I can keep staying by your side until you die.”

Her eyes reddened as she nodded continuously. Seeing how in love she was with him made his heart ache terribly.

“I went way overboard with my lies in the past and hurt you too deeply.” Samuel pulled her body into his embrace. “Don’t worry. I swear I won’t let you feel so afraid again!”

Placing her head on his chest, Natalie calmed down as she listened to his heartbeat. “Samuel…”

“Hmm?” “During your departure, I came to understand something.” She spoke as if she was talking to herself. “I think I like you more than I realize. I don’t really know how to describe it… During the day, I can pretend like I don’t miss you at all. But during the middle of the night, I would miss you so badly that I thought I was going crazy…”

That was why she still felt uneasy, even though Samuel had safely returned to her.

“This is strange. I’m feeling happy, yet I’m also experiencing heartache.” He left a kiss on her forehead. “Thank you for missing me. I, Samuel Bowers, won’t let you down!”

When the children were halfway down the stairs, they saw their father kissing their mother’s forehead. Their father was handsome, while their mother looked gorgeous, making them feel as though they were watching a romantic scene from a movie.

The children were afraid the sound of their footsteps would ruin that beautiful scene, so they leaned on the railing quietly. They beamed at their parents as they watched the scene unfold in secret with their eyes shining brightly.

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