A Cue for Love chapter 1125

Chapter 1125 The Pain Of Longing

“Children…” When Natalie turned around, she noticed the kids and Emma weren’t in the living room anymore. A sigh of relief escaped her mouth when she realized the children didn’t see her kissing Samuel.

Before she could relax, he pulled her into his embrace once more. Additionally, he lifted her up, making the tip of her nose touch his. “S-Samuel…” she stuttered.

“The kids aren’t around anymore.” He gazed deeply into her eyes and inquired in a flirty tone, “Can we do it now?”

As she gazed back at him, she felt as though she was being sucked into the unfathomably deep abyss of his eyes. When did my heart and body ever reject him?

“Okay.” Natalie’s reply was so soft that one couldn’t hear it unless they were paying close attention. Upon receiving her answer, Samuel kissed her lips as if he was a sailor who had heard the siren’s song and had lost all reasoning.

With that, they drowned themselves in their passionate, intimate acts. Perhaps that was the only way for them to relieve their pain of longing for each other.

During the night, after they had done the deed, both of them had just finished their bath and were sitting on the floor of their bedroom.

Natalie specially picked a bottle of rare Lafite from the wine cabinet and poured it into two glasses. One for herself, one for Samuel. He grabbed one of the glasses and took a small sip. Then he glanced at her. “Do you want to ask your questions first?”

“What were your days like when you were gone?” Staring straight at him, she questioned directly, “Does it… have something to do with your scars? Was it painful when you were going through the detoxification process?”

He knew there was no hiding the truth from her, so he didn’t.

“Yes!” Waving the wineglass in his hand, Samuel recounted, “The poison in my body was difficult to remove. Mr. Yablon tried many methods and took a lot of detours. In the end, it was thanks to the combined efforts of Master, Mrs. Trevor, and him that the poison was expelled from my body.”

Just because he wasn’t going to hide the truth from Natalie didn’t mean he would tell her all the details about the process. She opted not to question him further as she drank her wine.

“My turn.” Grabbing her hand, he peeked at the unfaded scar on her arm. “Billy told me what happened to you while I was gone…”

His grip was very tight. From his eyes, she could tell he was heartbroken. “I’m sorry…” It was the second time he had apologized to her since he returned.

Samuel hated himself for not being able to protect her. When Natalie needed him the most, he was thousands of kilometers away, deep inside the mountain. He blamed himself for the injuries she had suffered.

“Samuel Bowers!” She cradled his face with one hand and smiled. “Don’t apologize to me! It’s not like you intentionally abandoned me and left. You were going through a painful detoxifying process in the mountains while I got hurt protecting our children here. That’s what proves we are a couple who can endure hardships and face adversities together! The fact that we can sit here and watch the full moon while drinking wine is like a dream come true for me.”

“I must’ve done many good things in my past life, didn’t I, Nat?” “Huh?” Natalie was slightly taken aback.

“I bet it’s because I did many good things that I’m able to meet you and become your partner in this life.” Holding her hand, Samuel gazed at her with endless affection. “The fact that I allowed you to be injured is a thing of the past. Now that I’m back, I won’t let you face everything going on in Loang alone again. If you want to know your background, I’ll investigate it with you; if you want to keep a secret, I’ll protect it with you. No matter what you want to do, I’ll do it with you…”

It was his confession and also his promise to her.

A whirlpool of emotions surged within her as her lips curved up in a wide smile. “Okay. Let us toast to our relationship. No matter what happens in the future, we’ll stay with each other.”

Clink! The sound of two wineglasses hitting each other was heard in the room. Natalie and Samuel exchanged a smile and emptied their glasses.

Then, as their breathing intertwined with one other, they began drowning in pleasure on the soft woolen carpet. Neither of them knew who initiated it, but it didn’t matter to them as they enjoyed their loving time together.

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