A Cue for Love chapter 1124

Chapter 1124 Unwilling To Look Away

Samuel appeared thinner compared to how he looked before his departure. Even then, he was still every bit as dashing as he was before. With an affectionate smile, he uttered, “If I don’t, I’m afraid a certain brat will forget about me.”

Despite the fact he was just standing there, Natalie felt her heart racing like a sports car as it was flooded with delight.

In the next second, she ignored everything and pounced toward him before burying her face into his chest. Her small, soft arms wrapped around his waist tightly.

“If you had come back any later, perhaps I really would have forgotten about you, Samuel,” she mumbled. The more words she uttered, the more tears slipped out of her eyes. “Do you know how awful I felt when I missed you but couldn’t contact you?”

Samuel had missed her a lot, too. Thus, he didn’t hesitate to hug her back when her soft figure was in his embrace. Their yearning for each other felt as heavy as a mountain and as deep as an ocean.

Samuel’s voice gradually became low and hoarse as he spoke. “It’s my bad, Nat. It took me too long to get rid of the poison in my body. I’m sorry that I’ve made you suffer and forced you to bear so many things alone while I was gone…”

His apology was so sincere that he sounded servile.

A bitter sense of sorrow bubbled in Natalie’s heart when she heard that. Despite that, she was still mostly happy about finally reuniting with her lover. “Your poison’s gone, Samuel?”

“Yes.” “Really?” She was still afraid, fearing that the rest of the life they could spend with each other would be too short.

“Really,” Samuel assured seriously. “If you don’t believe me, you can ask Luna, Master, and Mrs. Trevor. They can all vouch for me. Mr. Yablon has thoroughly neutralized the poison inside me. Something like this won’t happen again, so you won’t need to feel worried or scared anymore.”

Natalie was finally able to let go of her anxiety and worry after hearing that. This is good! Great, even! He’ll stay by my side and won’t be separated from me again!

The children were all cupping their faces with gleeful smiles as they watched their parents hugging each other.

Emma was experienced with love. Hence, she understood that two adults in love with each other would want to act intimately after being separated for so long. Leaning down, she whispered to the children, “I’ll bring you five upstairs for a snack first. Your parents must have plenty to talk about after not seeing each other for such a long time!”

The children were great at understanding people. Thus, when they heard what Emma said, they nodded obediently and followed her upstairs. At that moment, only Samuel and Natalie were left in the living room.

He had already noticed the children were gone, so he held her chin and tried kissing her. However, she stopped him. “The children are around. Don’t…”

He was aware she didn’t know the children were gone, but instead of explaining anything, he embraced his desire and kissed her passionately.

“Mmph!” Still worried the children would learn from bad examples, Natalie wanted to push Samuel away.

Of course, having been separated from her for so long, he wasn’t going to give her a chance to reject him or escape from him. The moment his lips touched hers, he continued to kiss her intensely and domineeringly.

The kiss was so airtight that she was experiencing the near-suffocating sensation she hadn’t felt for a very long time. After a long while, Samuel slowly let Natalie go.

She had to take in multiple deep breaths before her breathing returned to normal. Then she shot a glare at him. “You’re crazy… The children… The children are still around…”

Her delicate red lips were swollen from the passionate kiss, and the blush on her cheeks made her appear like a beautiful peach blossom. She was so dazzling that he couldn’t take his eyes off her. His Adam’s apple bobbed as he gulped.

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