A Cue for Love chapter 1123

Chapter 1123 Finally Back

Jerome’s expression remained firm. “I’ve presented Zophie’s testimony to you already, Prince Jonathan. Natalie’s just a victim. She shouldn’t be dragged into this time and again.”

“I heard you’re childhood friends with Natalie, Major General Sutton,” Bastien uttered meaningfully. “That’s right,” Jerome admitted directly. “However, I’m very aware of the scope of my duties. I won’t do anything that’ll break the law. If there’s nothing else, I shall take my leave now.”

“Mhm.” Bastien watched Jerome vanish from his sight before he removed the box with the jade key inside from a secret compartment in his room.

The item inside the box sparkled, tempting him to touch the surface. The smooth sensation of the key made him feel as if he was touching the fair skin of a young maiden. With the jade key in my possession, I only need to solve the mystery of the ancient tomb. Then, I’ll be the next king. When that happens, Loang and Natalie will be mine.

After recuperating in the Sutton residence for a while, Natalie was more or less fully recovered. Only then did she return to her home.

Emma smiled gleefully when she saw her. “You’re finally back, Ms. Nichols!”

Upon seeing the tears shimmering in Emma’s eyes, she patted the older woman’s shoulder. “Thank you for taking care of the house during my absence, Emma!” “Oh, it’s nothing.” Emma shook her head.

Natalie had barely exchanged a few words with Emma when the children rushed down the stairs from the second floor and sprinted toward her. “Mommy!”


Due to the fact that she had to rescue Yumi and then recuperate afterward, it had been a long time since she saw her children. She missed them so much that she teared up.

“Clayton, Xavian, Franklin, Yumi, Sophia.” Kneeling down, she hugged all five of them tightly. “I’m home!”

The children couldn’t hold back their tears anymore as they hugged her back, their eyes becoming red-rimmed. “We really missed you, Mommy!”

“Please don’t leave us again now that you’re back, okay, Mommy?” “It’s so nice to see you again, Mommy! So, so nice!” Natalie nodded vehemently and kissed their heads.

“Okay! I promise!” A delighted smile formed on her countenance. “I’ll stay by all of your sides, watch you all grow up, and witness all the important milestones in your lives!”

The children had missed her so much that they didn’t want to let go, even after hugging her for a long time.

After an unknown amount of time had passed, Franklin abruptly released Natalie and turned to his siblings. “I think we’ve been hugging her for too long. Shouldn’t we give a certain someone a chance to do the same?”

The other four promptly recalled there was one more person who had missed Natalie dearly. In fact, that person probably missed her more than all five of them.

Xavian, Clayton, Sophia, and Yumi let go of their mother in unison. After Sophia wiped the tears on her face away, she pointed at someone behind Natalie with a smile. “Look who’s behind you, Mommy!”

Upon standing up, Natalie reflexively turned back. Suddenly, a figure she hadn’t met for a long time entered her vision. His figure was so familiar and had left such a deep impression on her that it was as if it was engraved in her blood and bone marrow.

She was rooted to her spot, stunned. Tears welled in her eyes and streamed down her cheeks like a broken dam. However, the edges of her smile curved higher and higher.

Staring at the handsome man before her, Natalie grinned. “You’re finally willing to come back, Samuel!”

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