A Cue for Love chapter 1122

Chapter 1122 Back To Her Hand

Meanwhile, Zophie had fainted in a secret prison. Her body was covered in electric burn marks. Gale… In her hazily conscious state, she thought she saw Gale’s face. “Ga…” Her lips moved as she tried to call out his name because she saw him practically right in front of her.

However, no matter how hard she shouted, Gale was getting further and further away from her, so much so that he eventually left her vision entirely.

At the last moment, Zophie abruptly opened her eyes and noticed she was in a dark, damp prison. Both her arms were still bound to the wall with chains as thick as a baby’s arm. Her body was covered in numerous wounds, causing her an immense amount of pain and making her suffer.

“Ga… le…” She tried calling his name again before realizing what she had seen earlier was just a dream. It was then the door, made from a special type of steel, was opened.

A deep voice rang in the room. “It’s time to eat.” Zophie spat out a mixture of blood and saliva before turning her line of sight away from the man in a uniform.

What the soldier removed from his briefcase wasn’t food but a professionally formulated nutrient solution. Every day, she was injected with a dose of nutrient solution to keep her alive.

It had been three days since she was first trapped inside the dark prison. Thus, she was well aware of the nutrient solution’s function. Even though she could feel footsteps approaching her, she remained in a seemingly numb state.

The soldier glanced at the wound-ridden Zophie and smirked. When she felt a chill coming her way, she turned her sight toward him and saw who he was.

It’s him! Mistem! Shock and confusion were seen in her eyes, but they were mostly filled with joy. Since he’s here, does this mean King sent him to rescue me?

She gazed intently at the man, a burning desire to live blazing in her eyes. Sleekly, Mistem jabbed a needle into her arm and injected the liquid into her bloodstream.

“All right.” After the injection was completed, he threw the needle and the injection bottle into a nearby trashcan.

Zophie didn’t have the nerve to make a peep because she was afraid of drawing the attention of nearby guards if she reacted too loudly. Although, the sparks of hope in her heart had grown into a blazing fire because of Mistem’s visit.

She still firmly believed Mistem was there to save her. Even after he left the room, she was still waiting for him to do something. That was until she suddenly felt her heart clench. The sensation felt as though an animal was clawing at her insides.

While Zophie didn’t personally participate in Blaze’s poison research, she had seen how people reacted when the poison took effect over the years during her missions.

Swiftly, she linked those scenes she saw to her current reaction.

No! This is impossible! How is this possible? Mistem injected poison, not nutrient solution, into my body! King sent him to kill me, not rescue me! Zophie’s voice was already too hoarse for her to say anything. Due to the poison taking effect, it became even more difficult for her to speak. The only sound she could make was a weak whimper.

Her voice was too soft for any nearby guards to notice. In the end, no one realized something odd was going on with her until after her pupils had dilated and she had taken her last breath.

The next day, a soldier approached her corpse when he noticed she had been in the same posture for too long. It wasn’t until he arrived next to her that he realized she was long dead. Even her body had turned cold and stiff. There were also plenty of necrotic spots on her neck by that point.

“S-She’s dead!” the soldier exclaimed. “This woman’s dead!” News of her death eventually reached Jerome.

As he stared at Zophie’s corpse in the secret base, his eyes were filled with shock, and his fists tightened. This is Loang’s most secure and secret prison! Yet, Zophie still died under the watch of so many guards. I can’t believe how arrogant and maniacal Blaze is!

“Check everyone who was on the night shift yesterday.” He glanced at the injection spot on Zophie’s arm and ordered coldly, “Also, look into the components of what was injected into her. Inspect everyone who was in charge of the nutrient solution last night.”

“Roger, Major General Sutton!” a soldier next to him replied. Upon leaving the secret prison, Jerome headed to Bastien’s residence. Bastien stared at him and questioned in a frosty tone, “That woman’s dead, Major General Sutton?”

“Yes.” Jerome didn’t even attempt to hide it. “If I’m not mistaken, Blaze was probably the one who killed her to silence her.”

“What a shame…” The edges of Bastien’s lips curved upward a little as his dark eyes glinted. “We didn’t manage to get anything useful out of her before she died. For example, what’s the connection between the jade key and Natalie? How did it find its way back to her hand?”

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