A Cue for Love chapter 1121

Chapter 1121 The Faster The Better

Jerome could never forget the image of Natalie’s protective figure standing in front of him when they were children. Back then, he still wasn’t the son of a Loang general but a child in the countryside. Often, he was bullied by children older than him.

While his mother was heartbroken over the treatment he received from other kids, she couldn’t keep her eye on him all the time. Hence, after Natalie learned about his situation, she always kept him by her side. When those children tried to bully him, she would retaliate like a tiny, angry leopard.

At that age, Jerome still had no idea what beauty was, but he didn’t forget what it was like to be protected by someone. That feeling was something he would never forget until the day he died.

Seeing how Natalie was momentarily stunned, Jerome continued, “Relax. I personally interrogated Zophie and have changed her testimony, too. Since the jade key is now in the royal family’s hands, I’ll let this matter go. Don’t worry. You and your children won’t be affected.”

She hesitated slightly. There was even a look of avoidance in her eyes because the jade key was actually still in her possession. The key Jerome took from Zophie was a copy Varre had made.

The jade key was of vital importance. While she was still uncertain if the key was a blessing or a curse, what she did know was that if the key fell into the wrong hands, the situation would be dire.

Since the key was the last thing Yumi’s birth mother and family had left for her, Natalie believed it solely belonged to Yumi. She wouldn’t give the key to anyone without obtaining Yumi’s permission beforehand.

“What’s the matter with you, Natalie?” Jerome asked with suspicion. “Why do you look so serious right now?”

Upon lifting her head, she turned her attention to him. Again, she hesitated but ultimately kept the secret to herself. “It’s nothing. I think I’m just slightly tired after talking for so long. My body hasn’t fully recovered, after all.”

She paused before lowering her eyes. “Thank you, Jerome. Truly. You disobeyed military orders to change the testimony for me, and I’m very grateful for it. However, please don’t do something like this for me again. You and your parents have done a lot for me already…”

Instead of arguing with her, he simply nodded because he was aware of Natalie’s personality. “Okay. I promise.”


Somewhere inside the palace located in Yaleview, a man smashed the cup in his hand to the ground when he learned Zophie was captured.


“What happened to Zophie?” King’s hand was cut when the broken pieces of the cup flew upward.

Blood flowed out of his wound and along his fingers. However, it was as though he didn’t feel any pain at all as a murderous look filled his darkened eyes.

“She kidnapped Natalie’s child and tried to take Natalie’s life,” Mistem Brown informed.

“What?” King roared. “That idiot! I told her Natalie’s still useful to me and that she’s not easy to deal with! Compared to her grandfather and little sister, she’s even harder to tame! Without proper preparations, any attempt at subduing her will only be for naught!”

At that moment, Mistem was half-kneeling on the ground, enduring King’s wrath.

Then, he continued, “There’s one more thing, King. According to my sources, not only did Jerome capture Zophie, but he also obtained the jade key guarded by the Jankovich family’s orphaned descendant. It has been handed to Bastien…”

Suddenly, the palace turned so silent that he could hear the blood dripping down from the back of King’s hand.

Mistem didn’t have the nerve to lift his head because he was aware that the jade key was a treasure King had been looking for a very long time.

After an unknown amount of time had passed, just as he felt as if his knees had turned swollen and numb from kneeling for so long, he heard King’s voice again.

“Is Zophie still alive?” King asked.

In a small voice, Mistem answered, “She’s still alive, but Jerome is keeping a very close eye on her.”

As King picked up the handkerchief next to him and wiped the blood on his hand away, he ordered in a frigid tone, “This reckless, traitorous wastrel doesn’t deserve to be kept around! Take care of her! The faster, the better!” The more he spoke, the softer his voice sounded.

However, Mistem dared not waste even a second. “Understood, King!”

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