A Cue for Love chapter 1120

Chapter 1120 Promise

Natalie was getting much better thanks to the Sutton family’s care. Most of the time, it was Jerome taking care of Natalie. When he wasn’t around, Patricia would assume the responsibility.

Patricia couldn’t help but sigh when she thought about the lost potential of Natalie becoming her daughter-in-law. “Jerome told me all about you and Samuel, Natalie. What a shame! I should’ve brought you and Jennie with me when I returned to Loang. If I had done that, Jennie would’ve been alive longer, and you would’ve been the Sutton family’s daughter-in-law!”

Natalie knew Patricia really liked her, but when it came to matters involving feelings, no one could force it.

In response, she smiled at Patricia. “Don’t lament the past, Aunt Patricia. The decisions made back then are always for the best! Jerome may have missed out on the opportunity to get together with me, but perhaps he’ll meet someone who’s even more compatible with him as a result. No need to keep sighing. If you sigh again, your beauty will decline a little.”

“Really?” The older woman promptly touched her own face in a slight panic. “I was just joking!” Natalie smiled. “You’ve always been beautiful. No wonder Uncle Daniel was always enamored with you.”

“You have such a good way with words.” Ever since she was a child, Natalie had always been excellent at cheering Patricia up. She only needed to utter a few words to make Patricia smile very brightly.

Even though the older woman had stopped talking about the topic, she couldn’t hide the disappointment and regret swirling in her eyes. What she said sounds easy, but in reality, it’s likely not. What are the chances Jerome will meet another woman more suited for him after missing out on Natalie?

Not long after, Jerome returned. It was pretty obvious he wanted to say something but was holding himself back from doing so.

As the saying went, a mother knew her son best. Hence, Patricia could tell from a glance that her son had something he wanted to speak with Natalie about in private. She provided an excuse about wanting to prepare some fruits and left the guest room, giving the two a space to talk.

After the older woman left, Natalie cut straight to the chase. “Do you have something you want to ask me, Jerome?”

“Natalie…” Jerome hesitated but ultimately inquired candidly, “How did this jade key arrive in your possession? Zophie said the kid you adopted, Yumi, is a descendant of the Jankovich family, Loang’s tomb guards for generations. Even though the jade key has been retrieved, the girl’s identity is too special. It’s not appropriate for you to keep her by your side. Additionally, her existence may draw danger to you…”

“So you’re saying…” “You should hand the girl over to His Majesty.”

The instant Jerome stopped speaking, Natalie refuted, “No! I won’t do it! Yumi is my child! I won’t hand her to you or anyone else!”

“I know you care deeply about the girl, Natalie, but there are some matters where you cannot allow your emotions to get involved.” He arrived next to her.

“Look at how severely injured you are after saving her this time. What if there’s a next time? What will you do if something like this happens again? Will you be prepared?”

Her red lips formed an extremely cold grin. “What will I do? What else can I do? I’ll just continue to protect her!” she responded, unperturbed. “Do you want me to hand her over to the royal family and then allow them to abandon her without hesitation if it’s no longer beneficial for them to keep her around?

I can’t do that, and I’m not willing to test that possibility either! The royal family is the most heartless entity around! A king has no problem sacrificing a child. He won’t think anything’s wrong with that! However, I don’t possess that same mindset. All I know is that Yumi is just as important to me as Franklin, Clayton, Xavian, and Sophia are after she called me Mommy.”

Seeing how Natalie had made up her mind, Jerome couldn’t help but sigh. “As I expected… I knew this was going to be your answer before I even asked you. You’re too caring, too inclined to keep your word. It doesn’t matter to you if you’re hurt. I’m sure you’re even willing to put your life on the line to protect those you care about and fulfill your promise.”

Upon hearing that, she slowly raised her head and smiled at him. “Jerome.”

“Don’t worry.” He grinned. “While you have a promise to keep with Yumi, I have one to keep with you, too. Did you forget what I said when I was at your back in the past? When we were children, you protected me. Now that we’re adults, it’s my turn to protect you!”

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