A Cue for Love chapter 1119

Chapter 1119 Sharp Tongue

Yumi knew Sophia had misunderstood the reason Zophie was kidnapping people. However, because the matter had too many ties to her background, she couldn’t let Sophia, Xavian, Franklin, and Clayton learn the truth. Thus, she had no other choice but to let Sophia continue to misunderstand the situation.

“It’s not like that, Sophia!” Yumi shook her head. “It was a coincidence that I was caught. We’re all fine right now.” Upon hearing that, Sophia finally felt much better.

After taking a tissue paper from nearby, she rubbed her tears and snot away. Xavian and Clayton arrived in front of Yumi and uttered in unison, “Welcome back, Yumi!”

Yumi nodded while crying and smiling. “Thank you, Xavian, Clayton.” Meanwhile, Franklin glanced at Yumi’s face rather expressionlessly. His usual coldness was still present on his countenance.

Seeing that Franklin wasn’t saying anything, Yumi didn’t feel like it was a good idea to say much to him either, so she smiled at him faintly instead. “I’m back, Franklin.”

“Mhm,” Franklin replied. When Yandel noticed how cold and reserved Franklin was, he grumbled in a low volume, “You’re resembling your father more and more…”

“Where’s Mommy?” Sophia inquired after she wiped her tears away. Then she sniffed and turned to Yandel. “Since Yumi’s back, Mommy should be coming back to pick us up, right? Why don’t I see her?”

The other children thought the same when they heard that. “That’s right! Why isn’t Mommy back yet?” “We’ve been staying here for long enough! I want to see Mommy!” “Me too! I want to meet Mommy!”

Before Billy arrived, he had already informed Yandel of Natalie’s condition. Yandel knew the children valued Natalie more than anything else in the world. Therefore, if they learned she was severely injured, they would no doubt make a fuss about wanting to meet her.

Left with no other options, Yandel could only smile playfully and lie, “You lot will be staying here for a few more days. After your mommy captured that woman, she obviously needs to investigate her background and history. Your mommy doesn’t trust anyone else to handle this matter, so she’s conducting the investigation herself. I promise that she’ll be back in a few days.”

Billy was relieved as he watched Yandel lie. The children didn’t suspect anything because Yandel’s expression appeared natural and normal. Thus, they nodded, trusting his statements.

Seeing that the children all bought into his lies, Yandel took a sip of water before turning around and releasing a massive breath of air. That was intense! Even though they are only five or six years old, they won’t be fooled if I don’t pull out all the stops while acting naturally! I need to get out of their faces right now. Otherwise, if I accidentally expose my lies, even just a little bit, they won’t be easy to deal with!

During the night, Yumi was walking down the second-floor corridor when she suddenly realized Franklin was leaning against the wall. “Franklin,” she greeted. “What’s the matter?”

Under the moonlight, Franklin shifted his gaze away from her and handed a porcelain bottle in his hand to her. “Take this.” She furrowed her eyebrows. “W-What is this?”

“You have a lot of bruises on your face. Applying this to those bruises will help remove them.” His tone sounded urgent and slightly annoyed.

Upon grabbing the bottle, Yumi opened the cap, allowing the fragrant herbal scent from within to enter her nose.

Even though she hadn’t applied the medicinal ointment to her face yet, she could already tell it was good. Hence, she smiled at him with gratitude. “Thank you, Franklin!”

Franklin involuntarily turned his gaze to her and saw her beaming at him. It was so sweet that he almost fell into a daze.

Even though he liked looking at her smile, he pretended as though he didn’t care. “Don’t misunderstand anything. I just think the bruises on your face are an eyesore. That’s why I gave you the bottle—to help you get rid of those bruises quicker. Once those bruises go away, you’ll look much better…”

After he concluded his sentence, he turned around and left in a hurry. As Yumi held onto the warm bottle, her smile became brighter.

Even though he has a sharp tongue, his heart’s soft! He was very worried about the bruises on my face, yet he pretended as though he didn’t care.

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