A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1750

Chapter 1750 Find Them At All Cost

Holding their breath, Vinson and Arielle grew wary at once. “Whoever you are, come out now. I’ve seen you,” Linda asserted in a cold voice as she scanned the surroundings while treading carefully.

Nevertheless, both of them knew there was no way Linda could’ve seen them. All she was trying to do was to bait them out.

“Linda, I’ve already checked. There’s no one around,” Mark said, emerging out of nowhere.

When she saw that he had returned, Linda couldn’t help but knit her brows.

“Why did you come back? Leave quickly before you’re discovered,” Linda pestered him in a serious tone. Does he have a death wish? It’s not like he isn’t aware of the Duke’s methods.

“Calm down. I’m leaving now. You should deliver the food quickly. Or else, he might suspect something if you take too long.” Mark’s heart warmed when he saw the concern in Linda’s eyes. After leaving her with the advice, he turned around and disappeared into the night.

Linda glanced at the darkness before entering the basement and unlocking it with a key.

At the same time, Vinson and Arielle seized the opportunity to slip out.

Outside, the tree leaves billowing in the gentle breeze made for a terrifying scene in the darkness of the night.

Vinson and Arielle, having successfully avoided the guards, prepared to scale the walls back out.

Suddenly, all the lights were turned on.

“Everyone, stay frosty. We have an intruder!” a man shouted at the top of his voice.

At that moment, every single person in the apartment, other than the queen mother and Monisha, came out.

“Your Grace, the woman is gone,” Linda reported to the grim-looking Duke.

“Did you not notice anything strange while you were there?” the Duke questioned angrily.

Linda’s heart sank. She had sensed someone’s presence, but Mark had told her he had checked and there wasn’t anyone around.

I know how capable he is. Did he really not see anyone, or did he let them escape on purpose?

With her mind overflowing with questions, Linda averted the Duke’s gaze and snuck a glance in Mark’s direction.

When their eyes met, all she could see in Mark’s eyes was the deep and gentle affection he had for her, causing her to retract her gaze.

How can I doubt him? Just like me, he’s a faithful servant of the Duke.

“Your Grace, when I was delivering food, I heard something. But after going around to check, I didn’t find anything. The basement door was also locked,” Linda said with furrowed brows.

I have been holding the key the entire time, so how could the door have been opened?

Narrowing his eyes, the Duke curled his lips into an insidious smile.

“Since you just heard them, it means that they haven’t left. They are definitely still here. Search for them even if you have to turn this place upside down.”

The Duke sniggered in exasperation. Despite the heavy presence of the guards, they still failed to prevent the prisoner from being taken away.

Upon giving out his orders, the Duke returned to his room in a huff.

This time, Linda didn’t follow him in. Instead, she joined the rest in the search of the intruders. She was angry at herself for allowing them to escape despite noticing their presence.

Vinson and Arielle were hiding in the forest. As long as they could move forward by one more meter, they would be able to escape safely.

Upon receiving the Duke’s orders, the guards began to search the apartment compound with guns in their hands.

“They’re probably not here. You should look for them over there. Make sure you find them,” Mark instructed a group that was looking around.

Now that they were familiar with him after spending some time together, they agreed with his suggestion and went off in the direction he pointed them in.

When they disappeared, Mark walked up to a nearby spot where Vinson and Arielle were hiding.

As Arielle drew her gun amidst their growing alertness, she was suddenly stunned.

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