A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1749

Chapter 1749 Driven Crazy

In the afternoon, both of them had an early dinner. As darkness began to fall, they drove to the apartment where Lorraine was being held. While they were still some distance away, they found a parking lot to stop their car.

Under the cover of darkness, both of them, dressed in black, disappeared into the night. Although it was already late, the apartment was still brightly lit. Amidst the blurry scene, rows of guards patrolled the area vigilantly. It was as if any movement would be easily picked up by them.

As a patrol marched past, two shadowy figures scaled the walls in the southeast section of the compound before crossing the courtyard in a flash.

When they arrived at the basement entrance, they swiftly picked the door lock before slipping into the room one after the other.

In front of them was a moss-covered staircase that spiraled downward, and the lights on the walls would constantly flicker in the darkness.

As Vinson had come in once in the morning, he smoothly led Arielle down the steps into the basement.

Despite the dim lighting, Arielle quickly caught sight of Lorraine, who was strung up by her hands.

Without wasting a second, Arielle, together with Vinson, rushed forward to free her.

Lorraine’s body, having been strung up for a day, was covered with whipping wounds. Moreover, dehydration caused her to lose consciousness.

Drawing out her silver-plated needles, Arielle inserted a few of them into Lorraine to wake her up.

“B-Boss…” The moment Lorraine opened her eyes and saw Arielle, she gave a weak smile. “The queen mother… S-She’s really here.”

“I know. Don’t speak. You need to save your strength.” Just as Arielle spoke, she was stopped by Vinson when she attempted to carry Lorraine on her back. “Let me carry her. You should lead the way.”

With that, he pulled Lorraine up and put her on his back.

Having no time to waste, both of them hurried out.

As Arielle charged forward, there were no guards in sight, just like how it was when they arrived earlier. Hence, she wondered if their enemies were being overconfident.

When they were about to leave, Arielle even locked the door on purpose.

“Linda, I can’t stand this any longer. Missing you is driving me crazy!” All of a sudden, a suppressed voice rang out, causing Arielle and Vinson to hide at once.

“Mark, you should leave quickly. If he finds you here—”

“But I can’t bear it anymore. I just can’t stop thinking about you.” Mark’s voice was tinged with pain.

“Mark, a woman like me isn’t worthy of—” Before she could finish, her lips were sealed by Mark’s.

Overwhelmed by his longing for her, he parted her lips with a passionate kiss.

At the same time, his hands began fondling her body.

Meanwhile, the trio in hiding didn’t expect to run into such an awkward situation in a place like that. Nonetheless, they had gone through so much that a matter like that didn’t surprise them at all.

Instead, their biggest concern was whether they could escape safely with Lorraine.

“M-Mark… Don’t do this…”

Struck by a sudden breeze, the lust-filled Linda was quickly brought back to her senses. “Mark, even if you have no desire to live, I do. Can you stop this now?”

Linda was fearful that their rendezvous would be discovered by the Duke. If it came to that, both of their lives would be in danger.

Mark fell silent.

“You should go. I’ll have to take this food to the prisoner,” Linda said while straightening her clothes. She then looked at him and warned, “Be careful and don’t let him see you.”

Knowing her concern for him, Mark gave her an intense look before disappearing into the night.

As for Linda, she watched Mark’s silhouette disappear before turning around to go down the basement. All of a sudden, her eyes sharpened. “Who goes there?”

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