A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1748

Chapter 1748 Acknowledging His Sister

“If you don’t—” “Sure!” Arielle replied before Aaron could finish. Upon hearing her answer, Aaron looked at her in disbelief. “Why are you staring at me?” Arielle’s lips curled slightly when she saw the look on his face. “Don’t tell me you weren’t serious?”

Aaron immediately waved his hands in denial. “Why would I do that? I’m—”

Before he finished his sentence, he, too, broke into a smile when he saw Arielle beaming. She’s teasing me on purpose! Bursting into laughter all of a sudden, he felt that they hadn’t interacted that way in a very long time. In fact, he missed the time they had spent on the ship when he first threatened her into coming.

Lunch was quickly prepared, as the chef was still the same one who had served Dylan. Since Arielle and Vinson had dined with Dylan quite a number of times, he was naturally aware of their preferences.

As a result, he meticulously prepared a feast consisting of their favorite food. During lunch, Arielle lamented Dylan’s absence in her heart. Isn’t this what he had always wanted to see?

Aaron too had the same thought. If I had accepted the fact that Arielle was my sister back then, would we be dining together with Father right now?

The thoughts in their minds caused a sense of bitterness to descend upon them.

After lunch, Arielle brought up the matter of the illegal organ trade.

“Once you have dealt with the queen mother, you have to take care of this. Given how massive the organ trade network is, you’re in a much better position to deal with it.”

Aaron nodded.

“As for the professors and doctors at the research facility, all of them are in my custody. You can just send your men to take them away later.”

Aaron continued to nod.

As they had plenty to do still, Arielle and Vinson didn’t stay any longer.

Watching the two leaving silhouettes and thinking about how much both of them had done for him, Aaron couldn’t resist calling out, “Sannie, Vin!”

Even though his voice was soft, it was still audible enough for both of them to hear.

Vinson was still calm, but Arielle’s eyes began to moisten.

Turning around, she let go of Vinson’s hand as she walked up to Aaron step by step.

No sooner had she reached out her hand to gently pound him on the chest than she threw herself into his arms and hugged him tightly.

Aaron—under the assumption that she was reluctant to acknowledge him as her brother—was surprised that she was already looking forward to it.

Stretching out his hands to return her hug, he yelled out beside her ear, “Sannie, my dearest sister…”

As both siblings finally acknowledged each other’s existence, it made for a tear-jerking sight. Unfortunately, all Vinson felt was jealousy as he hurried up to their side.

He scooped Arielle out of Aaron’s embrace and remarked in a jealous tone, “That’s enough. You only get to hug her for a moment, so don’t push your luck. If you still want to hug someone, go hug your wife instead.”

Faced with Vinson’s jealousy, Arielle felt helpless. He’s a perfect man, other than being easily jealous.

Setting aside the fact that they were once romantic rivals, Aaron actually admired Vinson a lot. Therefore, he didn’t think Vinson was overreacting in any way.

If their roles were reversed, he would likely respond to the situation in an even more dramatic manner.

“Vinson, I now hand my sister over to you, and you have to cherish her for the rest of her life,” Aaron declared earnestly while looking at Vinson.

Vinson cocked a brow at him. Why is he stating the obvious? Of course I’ll cherish my own wife.

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