A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1747

Chapter 1747 She Deserves To Die

If there are no dukes here, who then is that duke? Can he be from another country? If my guess is correct, the queen mother would be committing treason! In order to save her own skin, she put Turlen in danger by handing its firearms to a foreign duke. What if the latter uses the weapons against Turlen? What then should we do? How can she be so selfish? Arielle was incensed.

“She truly deserves to die!” If I had killed her back then, this business about handing firearms to the enemy wouldn’t have happened. “What is it?” Vinson asked with a cocked brow when he heard Arielle speaking through her gritted teeth.

After Arielle related the matter to him, Vinson felt that it was consistent with the queen mother’s character. Considering that she’s capable of killing her own son, why would she concern herself with the life of others? All she cares about is her own life and selfish interest.

“Luckily, you have stumbled upon their plan. Now that we have an opportunity to salvage the situation, there’s no need for you to be so worked up,” Vinson reassured her.

Even though Arielle knew that her fury was unnecessary, she still couldn’t control her anger when she thought about the consequences of the firearms falling into the Duke’s hands without their knowledge.

“Since Monisha is going to get the men to prepare the firearms tonight, should we raid them tonight or wait to do so two days later when the Duke collects them?” Arielle asked Vinson.

“Let’s seize the weapons when the Duke collects them,” Vinson replied after giving it some thought.

That way, the Duke would think that Nancy was responsible for the raid because of her unwillingness to hand the weapons over.

Once distrust had been sowed between them, their dissatisfaction with each other would break up their partnership, ending one of Nancy’s escape routes.

After he shared his thoughts with Arielle, the latter calmed down and felt that his proposal was an excellent one.

Consequently, their initial plan of capturing Nancy that night was also changed.

Arielle now wanted to take Nancy into custody after the latter had broken ties with the Duke. By doing so, the Duke would no longer rescue her again.

It was only then that she would spend the rest of her life in prison.

For someone who was obsessed with power, being locked up was a fate worse than death itself.

On top of that, the best revenge wasn’t to take Nancy’s life but to torment her till she broke down mentally from her failure to achieve her dreams.

Thus, instead of heading back to the apartment, they traveled directly to the palace.

Ever since Aaron took power, he had proclaimed that Arielle and Vinson could enter the palace freely.

However, Celeste objected to the decision.

Even though Arielle was his elder sister, she still resented her.

“Mother, do you think I alone have the power to take the queen mother down?” Looking at Celeste, Aaron added in a deep voice, “We owe Arielle for all of this. It was she who treated me as her own brother and helped me discreetly. That’s the reason I’m the reigning monarch today.”

Realizing how indebted they were to Arielle, Celeste withdrew her protests.

Upon her arrival, Arielle related everything that had happened to Aaron, who, in turn, was infuriated to learn of what Nancy had done.

“I understand. I’ll send men to recover the firearms.”

“Monisha will be going over tonight to get them to prepare the weapons. You should have someone follow her. Tomorrow, have your men monitor the place and seize the weapons when they attempt to move them.”

Aaron’s heart suddenly warmed when he saw how concerned Arielle was for him.

“I got it. I’ll do as you say.” Then he stared at the both of them and asked softly, “Do you have time for lunch?”

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