A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1746

Chapter 1746 No Tricks

Sticking close to the wall, Arielle narrowed her eyes as the curiosity within her began to grow. “You had better not try anything funny. Otherwise…”

Although he didn’t finish his sentence, Nancy was well aware of what he was trying to convey. She was taken aback by how sensitive the Duke was, and her expression drastically changed, for she indeed had other plans in mind.

Unfortunately, he had seen through her before she could set them in motion.

Suppressing the discontent within her, Nancy reassured the Duke in an obsequious tone, “You’re just overthinking it. Why would I renege on our deal, especially when I’m being hunted by the current king? I’m not in a position to do such a thing at all. Don’t let your imagination run wild. I’m not going to try anything funny.”

The Duke simply responded by giving her the side-eye.

“Good that you know.”

With that, the Duke left her room.

After he closed the door behind him, Nancy was so enraged that she would’ve swept the glass of water in front of her away if Monisha hadn’t stopped her.

“Your Majesty, I understand that you’re angry, but you have to bear with it for the sake of the bigger picture.” Holding Nancy’s hand, Monisha continued, “We still have to rely on the Duke now. If he hears you breaking the glass, the consequences aren’t something we can afford to bear right now.”

Monisha’s words snapped Nancy out of her rage. Nonetheless, she couldn’t deny the anger she felt.

How can I, the queen mother of Turlen, fall into such dire circumstances?

Closing her eyes, she felt hatred eating away at her heart.

“Aaron, if you hadn’t locked me up, none of this would have happened. I’m definitely not going to let you get away with it,” Nancy muttered through her gritted teeth.

At that moment, she hated Aaron’s guts. If he hadn’t thrown her into prison, she wouldn’t have needed to ask the Duke for help, let alone lose half of her firearms.

Setting aside their monetary worth, the firearms could have helped her make a comeback. However, they were now…

Consequently, she had all the reasons to despise Aaron.

Monisha, well aware of Nancy’s resentment of Aaron, also felt that he had gone overboard. At the end of the day, she’s still his grandmother and the person who raised him. How could he have done this to her?

“Monisha, take this item as a symbol of my authority to them tonight and tell them to prepare half of the firearms for the Duke to collect two days later,” Nancy instructed as she took out a key-shaped jewel and handed it over. “Don’t go alone. Get the Duke to escort you with his men.”

“Firearms? The Duke?”

Arielle never expected Nancy to be in possession of firearms. Furthermore, the latter was intent on giving out half of them in return for her rescue.

Isn’t she worried that the Duke would use the firearms to threaten Turlen? No, I can’t let this happen.

Arielle’s eyes narrowed as her lips curled into a smirk. She would definitely not allow the firearms to fall into the Duke’s hands nor let Aaron be threatened.

With that thought in mind, she quickly sneaked back to the car and waited for Vinson to return.

Soon, Vinson came back and quickly reported his findings to her, well aware that she was anxious about Lorraine’s situation.

“She’s here but is imprisoned in the basement. She’s not in any imminent danger, so we can come back at night for her,” Vinson related while driving back.

It wasn’t until she heard that Lorraine was safe for the time being that Arielle’s mind was put at ease.

She, too, shared with Vinson what she had learned.

“I need to inform Aaron about this so that he can confiscate the weapons,” Arielle said in a grim tone.

Vinson nodded before asking curiously, “Does Turlen have a duke?”

Arielle blinked, as she wasn’t sure about it.

“Let me ask Sonia.” Arielle fired off a message at once. After she read the reply, a grave expression descended upon her face.

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