A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1745

Chapter 1745 Traces Of Blood

Trailing the trajectory of Arielle’s vision, Vinson narrowed his eyes when he saw the traces of blood on the floor. There’s blood on Lorraine’s phone, and there’s blood here. It can only mean…

As he exchanged glances with Arielle, the same thought popped into both their minds. Is this a clue that Lorraine left behind for us? “Vinson, Lorraine might be trying to tell us something,” Arielle suggested.

Vinson nodded to indicate his agreement. “Let’s follow the trail,” Arielle suggested amidst her concern for Lorraine.

“Sannie, security here is really tight, and there’s no place to hide in broad daylight. I think we should make our move at night instead.” Vinson held her back.

Arielle could see the logic behind Vinson’s words. Despite that, she was worried that by being late, she would put Lorraine in danger. After Arielle voiced her concerns, Vinson fell silent.

Even though the situation was unpredictable, he couldn’t allow all three to have their safety threatened. “You should head back to the car. I’ll take a look around. If her life isn’t in danger, we’ll return at night to rescue her,” Vinson proposed.

Although both of them were formidable fighters, it was still risky to go against such heavy security. A single mistake might land all three of them in trouble.

Cognizant that Vinson was worried about her safety and of the fact that this was the only way, Arielle nodded. “All right. Be careful.”

Vinson gave her hair a tousle before disappearing from the site.

After he was gone, Arielle narrowed her eyes in thought. Instead of going back to the car, she returned to her previous position to see if she could find out anything more from Nancy.

Meanwhile, the Duke was impressed with Mark’s capabilities. If the latter hadn’t coveted someone he shouldn’t have, his future prospects would’ve been significantly brighter.

Nevertheless, the Duke still needed Mark this time because he hadn’t brought enough men over—it made no sense to deny an extra pair of hands. By the time the matter was settled, he would then give Mark’s fate some proper thought.

“I still need you to deliver another batch of goods. This batch is of extreme importance, and any mistakes will not be tolerated,” the Duke instructed with a stern expression.

“I’ll take extra precautions and deliver the goods safely to their destination,” Mark replied at once.

“There’s no hurry. You can send them two days later. For now, go and investigate what Vinson and Arielle are up to.” The mention of the two elicited a bloodthirsty smile from the Duke’s lips.

“Is that all you need? Am I to check anything else?” Mark asked.

“Just do as you see fit.” With that, the Duke walked ahead with Linda following closely behind. After just taking a few steps, she turned around to look. When her eyes were met by Mark’s passionate gaze, she quickly turned her head away.

As Mark watched their leaving silhouettes, his eyes were filled with longing and desire for Linda. His fists were so tightly clenched that throbbing veins surfaced on the back of his palm.

Linda, wait for me! Mark declared in his mind as he followed them at a steady pace. It wasn’t until both of them entered the study that he stopped in his tracks and left the apartment.

Once they were in the study, the Duke gave Linda some instructions before heading off to Nancy’s room.

“Your Majesty, isn’t it time for you to fulfill your end of our bargain?” the Duke asked while leaning against the door.

Nancy’s heart sank at the words. It was just a matter of time before she had to come to terms with it. Regardless of how unwilling she was, there was no way for her to reject him. After all, her life was at stake.

“I’ll hand it to you as soon as possible,” Nancy replied in a solemn tone.

Whatever the Duke wanted was currently under the custody of Nancy’s die-hard followers. Without her permission, no one was going to get their hands on it.

Who is the man speaking? What sort of deal does he have with the queen mother?

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