A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1743

Chapter 1743 Lack Of Vigilance

“What’s wrong? Where are you now?” Arielle had hardly spoken when the call ended abruptly. When she tried calling back, she couldn’t get through at all.

“Vinson, we’ll talk about going home when we’re free, all right?” Arielle put her phone in her pocket. “Someone has brought us news about the queen mother. Hence, Lorraine went to check it out. She just called me for help, and I need to go save her now.”

Just when she was preparing to leave, Vinson stopped her.

“I’ll go with you.” With that, both of them loaded a gun each and set off in their car.

Arielle had already committed the location revealed by the paper to memory. Nevertheless, she wasn’t sure if Lorraine was still there. Hence, while Vinson was driving, she took out her phone to hack Lorraine’s phone so as to determine her location.

“Vinson, this is the location of her phone. Let’s search for her there,” Arielle informed Vinson while staring at the information she had obtained.

After giving her a nod, Vinson spun the car around and changed directions.

As the road ended in an alley, both of them exchanged glances before stopping their car. With their backs against each other, they walked in carefully.



Arielle shouted a few times, but no one answered.

“Sannie, I think that’s her phone!” All of a sudden, Vinson saw a blood-stained phone in the bushes by the wall.

Arielle hurried over to retrieve the phone before giving Vinson a nod. With a stern expression, she replied, “It is her phone!”

The blood on her phone caused her heart to sink, as she had reached a dead end with regard to Lorraine’s tracks.

“Vinson, I should have stopped her and personally came to verify the information.” It was the first time in her life that Arielle had felt a sense of remorse. If anything were to happen to Lorraine, she wouldn’t be able to forgive herself for the rest of her life.

When he saw how Arielle was blaming herself, Vinson reassured her, “No news might be good news now. Let’s go and check the queen mother’s location to see if she’s there. Perhaps the queen mother noticed Lorraine and took action against her.”

Arielle nodded as a vicious glint flashed across her piercing eyes. Once I get my hands on her, I’ll make sure that she suffers a fate worse than death.

Both of them then returned to the car with Lorraine’s phone. While Vinson was driving, Arielle wiped the phone clean in absolute silence.

Truth be told, Lorraine was just a driver she hired and not their subordinate. In spite of that, the former was willing to put herself in danger for Arielle’s sake. As a result, the doubts Arielle harbored about Lorraine’s loyalty were no more.

When both of them arrived at the address of the apartment, they saw the entire place crawling with armed guards. It was as if there was someone especially important inside.

After exchanging a quick glance, both of them split up.

As the agile Arielle moved rapidly, her figure quickly disappeared. A few minutes later, she emerged outside a room, with her body hanging off the wall and hidden by the surrounding greenery.

“Monisha, are you still not able to get in touch with them?” Nancy’s hoarse voice rang out from the room.

“Ever since you disappeared, the king holds absolute authority. Their power has significantly been curtailed by the king hampering their attempts to help you despite their desire to do so,” Monisha answered.

“Aaron, he truly deserves to die! I shouldn’t have spared him and made him king. He should have died together with Dylan,” Nancy hissed upon hearing Monisha’s report.

Infuriated by the exchange, Arielle took out her silver-plated needles and attempted to shoot them at Nancy’s body.

“Who goes there?”

Arielle’s hand froze momentarily before she put away her needles.

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