A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1742

Chapter 1742 Save Me

One week later, Lorraine woke up in her apartment and prepared to go for a jog. The moment she opened the door, a white piece of paper fell by her feet, eliciting a curious frown from her. What’s this? Who put it here?

Leaning against the door, she scanned the surroundings outside but didn’t notice anything. She picked up the paper, and upon reading its contents, she hurried back into her house.

“Boss, there’s news about the queen mother,” Lorraine shouted as she strode to Arielle’s door.

Arielle, who had just woken up, came out upon hearing the words.

“News about the queen mother? From whom?” Arielle asked with narrowed eyes.

Lorraine showed her the paper. After going through the contents, she asked with a frown, “Where did this piece of paper come from?”

Lorraine pointed at the door. “It was sandwiched by the door. I saw it fell down when I opened the door to go for my morning jog.”

Clenching the piece of paper, Arielle narrowed her eyes at it. Who sent this? What is their purpose for telling me the queen mother’s location? How do they know that the queen mother isn’t dead and where she’s hiding?

Arielle’s mind was filled with questions.

“Boss, should we head to the location to verify it?” Lorraine gave Arielle an eager look.

“Do you intend to go?” Arielle asked with raised brows.

Lorraine nodded, for she was already bored to death there. Given that there was an opportunity to go out and get some air, she naturally wanted to seize it.

“Go ahead, then.” When she saw Lorraine turn around and return to her room right away, Arielle shook her head. She really is excited.

Walking to the door, Arielle looked at Lorraine, who was in the midst of changing. She instructed, “All you need to do is to confirm her presence there. Don’t do anything hasty and always ensure your own safety.”

Lorraine acknowledged Arielle’s concern entirely.

“Don’t worry. I’ll be careful.” With that, she headed out.

At the same moment, Vinson emerged from the room.

“Sannie, what do you plan to do now that we have found the location of the market for the organ trade?”

Torsten was still in their hands instead of being handed to Aaron. After the recent interrogation, they managed to force the location out of him. As a result, Vinson had sent his men to verify the location at once and had just received confirmation of its authenticity.

“We can let Aaron handle it. After all, it will be an achievement for him if he successfully deals with it.” After giving it some thought, Arielle decided Aaron should step in. After all, he was the king, and that was his duty.

If she were to take on the task, the most she could do was destroy the market and shattered their network. However, given how massive the web of relationships was, Aaron was in a better position to resolve the matter for good.

Upon hearing her suggestion, Vinson concurred with a nod.

“In that case, let’s go back to our home country,” Vinson suggested as he pulled her into his arms.

Even though he didn’t voice it out, he was cognizant that she was worried about them and missing them too. After what happened to Dylan, he knew that life was unpredictable and wanted to go home and spend time with her.

Arielle fell into a dilemma at the mention of going home, as she had just received news about Nancy. Until Nancy was thrown into prison, there was no way her mind would be put at ease even if she went home.

“Vinson, why don’t we leave after the queen mother is caught? I want to see her face justice with my own eyes.” Arielle would only feel that her revenge for her father was complete once Nancy was punished by the law.

Before Vinson could reply, the phone in their room rang. Dashing to pick up the phone, Arielle felt a sense of dread when she saw who was calling.

She slid to answer immediately. “Save me!”

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