A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1740

Chapter 1740 Buzz Off

In the bathroom, while kneeling in front of the Duke, Linda slowly reached out to unbuckle his belt. “You know what to do. Just do it like how you did it all this while,” the Duke ordered.

Although Linda was unwilling to please him, she couldn’t bear to put Mark’s life at risk. I’m sorry, Mark. Linda grabbed the Duke’s thighs and froze.

Seeing that she had stopped doing what she was supposed to do, the Duke asked, “Do you want Mark to die?” Left without a choice, Linda pleased him.

Mark had just bought dinner for Linda. He was walking into the room with a smile on his face. When he heard the sound of moving water in the bathroom, he tiptoed toward the bathroom, thinking about scaring her.

However, when he arrived at the entrance of the bathroom, he saw Linda kneeling on the floor.

His glistening eyes widened with fury, and he clenched his fists. At that moment, he wanted to take the Duke down with him.

Perhaps it was his intense gaze because Linda noticed his presence. She froze on the spot the moment she saw him.

The Duke was enjoying the moment with his eyes closed. After sensing that Linda had stopped, he opened his eyes and saw her staring at the entrance. He turned to look in the same direction and saw Mark staring at the two of them.

“Buzz off!” the Duke bellowed.

Instead of leaving, Mark dropped to his knees and begged, “Your Grace, please give Linda to me. In return, I’m willing to serve you till I die.”

The Duke was infuriated. Since he doesn’t want to leave. I shall just let him watch the woman he likes pleasuring another man.

With that in mind, he barked at Linda, “Remember what I said.”

Linda knew what he was talking about. However, she didn’t want Mark to see her in that state. “Mark, leave. Even if His Grace is willing to let you have me, I won’t leave with you. Who do you think you are? Do you think I would ever fall for you?”

Mark was utterly heartbroken when he heard those harsh words. Still, he stayed on his knees.

Linda had no choice but to stand up and slammed the door shut. Since he’s not willing to leave, I’ll just let him listen from the outside. Once he has thought things through, he’ll leave on his own.

The Duke was furious at her action, and he immediately pulled her in.

She tried her best not to let out a moan, but the more she did that, the rougher the Duke got.

Mark was clenching his fists as he listened to Linda’s moans. He was dying to rush in and kill the Duke. Yet, he didn’t dare to do so because his younger siblings were at the Duke’s mercy. If he failed to kill the Duke then and there, he wouldn’t be able to bear the consequences.

Meanwhile, the Duke wasn’t keen on letting Mark listen to the sound of them having sex. He whipped out his phone and made a call. Within minutes, some men came and brought Mark away.

After a while, the Duke put on his pants and glanced at the worn-out woman on the floor. “Treat this as a lesson. If something similar happens again in the future, you know what I can do.”

With that, he left.

Linda, on the other hand, just knelt there and stared blankly into thin air. I shouldn’t have gotten close to Mark!

When the Duke arrived downstairs, he told his men to let go of Mark. While staring at Mark with his emotionless eyes, the Duke said, “You’re the first person who dares to lay hands on a woman I’ve slept with!” After saying that, the Duke whipped out a gun with a silencer and fired once directly at Mark’s leg. “Treat this as a lesson. Remember this, no one’s allowed to touch what’s mine.”

Mark fell to his knees, and blood was spilling out of his calf. The Duke merely glanced at him before getting into his car and leaving the scene.

Mark forced himself to stand up and limped back into the hotel. After taking the elevator upstairs, he glanced at his room and Linda’s room before walking into Linda’s room without hesitation.

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