A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1739

Chapter 1739 Force Me

The next day, Mark was sent on a mission. The mission was supposed to last for five days, but he completed it in three days’ time. He just couldn’t wait to get home.

“Mark, let’s break up, okay? I’m not worthy of your love.” Linda was saddened when she saw the scars on Mark’s body. I’m just His Grace’s toy. I’m not worthy of anyone’s love.

“Linda, I’m never leaving you.” The mission he had completed was extremely dangerous, and he almost died while carrying out the mission. His Grace must’ve known about my relationship with Linda, and the mission was my punishment.

Still, he was unfazed. I’m going to complete whatever mission he gives me and come back alive to see the woman I love the most.

“Linda, I love you. No matter what happens, I’m still going to love you. You’re the apple of my eye.”

Linda was touched by Mark’s words. Right then, she wanted to have sex with him because she thought that was the only way she could repay his love for her.

She wrapped her arms around his neck, stood on tiptoes, and kissed him.

That time around, they had a wild night together, and they only fell asleep in each other’s arms at dawn.

When Linda woke up, she was alone in the room. After stretching her body, she went to take a shower in the bathroom.

Shortly after she went to the bathroom, two men arrived outside her room.

“Your Grace, this is her room.”

The Duke acknowledged it and said, “Wait for me downstairs.” With that, he was about to knock on the door. However, he realized that the room was unlocked, so he just walked in.

After getting into the room, he heard the sound of rushing water coming from the bathroom, and he went inside.

Linda was showering, so she didn’t hear his footsteps approaching. When she heard the door open, she thought Mark had returned. With a smile, she turned around. Her expression changed immediately when she saw the Duke.

That was the first time the Duke had seen Linda’s naked body, and he was having an erection. His eyes were filled with rage when he saw the bite marks on her body. This b*tch! How dare she let Mark touch her?

Infuriated, the Duke walked toward her and held her chin forcefully. “You’ve got balls, Linda.”

He was holding her so tight that Linda felt the pain in her chin right away. Nonetheless, she said, “Ever since the night you chased me away, I’ve been sleeping with him. Since you don’t want me around, why don’t you just let us be?”

Upon hearing her courageous words, the Duke gave a chuckle from the overwhelming fury. So she has been sleeping with Mark since that day.

“Very well, Linda. Even if I don’t want you, I’m still not letting any man near you,” he fumed.

He then let go of her chin, grabbed her hair, and pressed her down toward the ground. “Please me.”

Linda refused to do as he said. I’ve already said my piece, and I don’t want to have anything to do with him anymore. I want to be with Mark. Why must he force me?

“Did you see the scars and injuries on Mark’s body? If you don’t want him to die, do as I say!” the Duke ordered. She’s my toy. Even if I don’t want her, no one’s allowed to have her!

The Duke was willing to forgive Mark the previous time. However, his eyes were filled with malignancy that day. That guy is worthless to me.

Linda didn’t know the man she had loved for the past five years was so despicable. How could he threaten me with Mark’s life?

Meanwhile, in the Nighy residence, Matthew’s expression changed dramatically when he received a call from Nancy once again.

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