A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1737

Chapter 1737 Too Late

Vinson held her hand and kept mum. Right away, Arielle knew what was going on, so she blushed and pulled her hand back. While blushing uncontrollably, she kept staring at Vinson. This man is so naughty!

Vinson pulled Arielle in and whispered in her ear, “Can you feel my passion, Sannie? I’ve missed you so badly.” As he spoke, she could feel a tingling sensation when his breath brushed against her earlobe.

“Vin—” The moment Arielle tried to talk, Vinson was already on top of her and was kissing her passionately. Meanwhile, the situation was rather grim for the Duke.

“What did you say? Someone took the batch of goods away? Who did it?” the Duke asked coldly. “We haven’t figured that out yet.” Mark lowered his head. He didn’t expect someone to snatch the goods away as well.

The Duke’s expression turned gloomy when he heard that. “Investigate the matter immediately! I want to know what happened in a week’s time.”

Mark knew it was his fault someone had taken the goods away, so he immediately turned around and left after receiving the Duke’s order.

Before he left, he gazed deeply at Linda. In response, Linda flashed him a subtle smile. He only left after seeing that smile of hers.

“Your Grace, I need to get something for Her Majesty.” With that, Linda was about to leave. Mark must be waiting for me outside. Ever since His Grace came, we haven’t been together much. Unfortunately for her, the Duke called out to her before she could leave.

Linda halted in her tracks and turned around to cast the Duke a confused gaze.

“Come here! Do you want me to repeat myself?” the Duke uttered, raising his brows.

Seeing that, Linda quickly walked up to him.

Suddenly, the Duke came around from the desk and bent her over the desk. He took off her skirt and started taking off his pants.

Linda was stunned by his actions, and she only regained her senses when he had already penetrated her.

“Y-Your Grace…” Linda didn’t expect him to force himself on her. “Please… Don’t do this… I-I’m now Mark’s girlfriend…”

Upon hearing that, the Duke paused and asked, “Have you had sex with him?”

Linda nodded. She thought the Duke would let her go after being told that she had already had sex with Mark. However, the Duke couldn’t be bothered.

“Y-Your Grace…” She wanted him to stop, but she ended up moaning every time she opened her mouth.

Mark waited for her outside for half an hour. When he didn’t see her coming out, he thought the Duke was talking to her about something important. Therefore, he just drove away.

The Duke kept Linda occupied until eight that night.

After getting out of there, Linda went back to the hotel and showered. When Mark got back, she was already in bed.

Since it had been a long time since they had sex, Mark went to shower after a long day at work. After he showered, he got into bed and cuddled with Linda. Before she knew it, he was already kissing her.

However, the pain had Linda letting out a wail. Worried, Mark asked, “What’s wrong?”

Linda noticed how concerned Mark looked, and she had no idea how to tell him about the sexual encounters she had had with the Duke. “I…”

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