A Beauty With Multiple Masks Chapter 1736

Chapter 1736 Think About Me More Often

One month passed in the blink of an eye. Over that stretch, Aaron had not been able to find any traces of Nancy no matter what he tried.

Although he could not locate her, he had been largely successful at reclaiming the power that Nancy once wielded. His intention in tracking her down was solely for the purpose of seeing her brought to justice in the letter of the law.

In that month’s time, Aaron had sent out the word everywhere to have the family of the three children found. His concerted efforts had ultimately proven fruitful in the end, and he only just had someone send over to take those three children off Arielle’s hands.

“I did find it quite tiring when the three of them were around, Vinson, but right now, I really could not bear to have them returned to their family so suddenly.” Arielle leaned against Vinson, appearing to be quite despondent.

Vinson held her. She was by no means the only one who felt the emptiness that accompanied this sense of loss.

Though Arielle had requested help from that handful of relatives in the care of those children, she could only ask them to do so over a few days, as the latter, after all, also had families of their own to contend with. The rest of the time was split between the trio of Arielle, Lorraine, and himself, who had taken turns to look after those three wee ones.

As such, that unexpectedly swift separation would certainly require some adjustments to be made on their own part.

“We could ask Aaron for their address if you really miss them. We could visit them when we are able to,” said Vinson as he caught her hand and brought it closer to his own lips for a kiss.

“I think we should let it go. We’ll be headed back after things are settled here. So should we ever grow too attached to them…”

Even though Arielle had yet to finish, Vinson could understand what she meant.

Unwilling to see her sad, Vinson gave it some thought before he said, “Let’s adopt a kid from the orphanage after we are home.”

Arielle looked up at him in surprise. He really doesn’t want me to conceive!

Having spent considerable time with those three children, she was under the impression that he had already grown fond of them and moved on from not wanting her to become pregnant. Unexpectedly, he still remained steadfast toward that line of thinking.

“Let’s talk, Vinson.” Removing herself from his embrace, Arielle sat up straight to regard him in earnest.

Regarding her in confusion, Vinson wondered what she wanted to say. Seems kind of serious?

“What would you like to talk about?” Vinson looked at her warmly with unreserved affection.

“I don’t want to adopt any children, Vinson, and only wish for us to have one of our own.” When she noticed the shift in his expression, Arielle reached out to hold his hands reassuringly. “I know that you’re worried that whatever happened to Sonia could happen to me as well, but it’s different for everyone. You can’t let your undue worries and suppositions deny me the right to be a mother and your own right to become a father.”

“Sannie… I…”

“It’s going to be fine. Even if there should be complications, don’t you have faith in the ability of the medical expertise we have back home to deal with them?”

The earnest look on Arielle’s face made it hard for Vinson to reply in the negative. He could only pull her in and hold her tightly.

“Give me some time to think this over.”

Seeing his stance soften put a smile on Arielle’s face. She was determined to make him see things her way.

Time flew by and another two weeks went by without news of Nancy. Aaron was rapidly losing patience in the palace. He was almost too eager to recapture her and to make her face the full brunt of the law in order to avenge his father and to deliver justice for those innocents whose deaths she had caused.

“She’s done a pretty good job of hiding herself so far.” Arielle narrowed her eyes, and her lips curled up into a frosty smirk. “I’d really like to see how long she can last. Perhaps a month or two is tolerable, but I don’t think she can take any more of it if this situation persists indefinitely.”

In response, Vinson’s lips curled up as well. He pulled her into his arms and whispered into her ears, “Don’t just keep fussing over her, Sannie. Why don’t you think about me more often instead?”

“Think about you? Why?” Arielle was baffled.

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